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I have nominated The Internet for 1994 Chrysler Award for
Innovation in Design.

Criteria set by Chrysler for nomination are:

Sustainability: ecologically sensitive design.
Accessibility: the commitment to use by, and social benefit
for, a diverse range of people.
Appropriate Technology: the succinct combination of
technology, benefit and use.
Entrepreneurship: designing a process by which great designs
are realized.
Communication: conveying ideas and messages powerfully.
Beauty: that ineffable standard that sets great designs apart.

Co-chairs of the awards program are Chee Pearlman, editor of
I.D. and Michael Sorkin, principal, Michael Sorkin Studio.

For information contact: Christopher Foss, Chrysler Award for
Innovation in Design, 40 West 23rd Street, New York, NY
10010-5201. Telephone (212) 727-5471. Fax: (212) 675-1710.

Every user is both designer and part of the design.
Congratulations on your nomination and good luck. Awards are
to be announced in July.

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