Re: Accredidation about Washington U. in St. Louis

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Subject: Re: Accredidation about Washington U. in St. Louis
Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 06:25:04 GMT

In article <[email protected]> [email protected] (Kwan Law)
> I was talking to a friend who used to go to school of architecture
>with me a while back, and he mentioned to me that one of the better schools
>named Washington University in St. Louis has lost its accreditation to AIA
>for its professional degree program could not meet the AIA standard. I am
>just wondering is this true. Is there anyone out there who has this info.
>off hand? I appreciate your information in advance.

Well, considering that the AIA (insipid, pathetic little club that
it is) has nothing to do with accreditation, I'd say your friend
was a little misled. WU does have a good reputation, though I've
never been there (plan to go this summer for a conference).

Accreditation *is* given by:
NAAB - architecture
ACCE - building science
APA - planning

A rather fun article about the AIA is in last month's
_Progressive Architecture_. It's just a club, kids.

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