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Subject: Re: PhD programs for Architcture (Interest as Follows)


>I have a design background with my last degree being an M.Arch. and my thesis
>was a study of how to incorporate Computers into design education. I studied
>96 students at the University of Illinois. Since obtaining my degree five
>years ago, I have been researching and implementing networked hypermedia
>information systems (i.e Intermedai, WWW, Gopher, HTML servers, etc.) as
>used for education in the Science and Humanities. I am now considering
>additional coursework in hypermedia information systems as a means of ,
>exchanging and processing information in the design process. I was wondering
>if folks here would be so kind as to suggest their views of some universities
>and schools that might have a program and faculty appropriate to such an
>endeavor. In addition to my technical background in computer networks,
>and networked hypermedia systems, I have also studied environmental design
>behavior factors and have taught various courses for undergarduate and
>graduate design students. Thank you fo any tips, pointers and suggestions.

>Jim McKay
>[email protected]
>Network Analyst
>Univerity of Illinois at Urban-Champaign
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