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HR>Subject: Re: Accredidation about Washington U. in St. Louis

HR>> I was talking to a friend who used to go to school of
HR>architecture >with me a while back, and he mentioned to me that one
HR>of the better schools >named Washington University in St. Louis has
HR>lost its accreditation to AIA >for its professional degree program
HR>could not meet the AIA standard. I am >just wondering is this true.
HR>Is there anyone out there who has this info. >off hand? I appreciate

Living only 1 block from Washington University and a member of the
Architectural education profession (Saint Louis Community College), I
can say that the demise of the program at WU is much overrated.

For some reason there has been this long running feeling that WU was on
the verge of losing its accreditation which has been around since I
attended school there in 1979.

Well...."it ain't happened yet"....

In fact WU should be in a stronger position now than they were a few
years ago. They now have a new Dean, Cynthia Weese, and people are
looking forward to this program only growing in its stature.

I would like to say that the often confused 2 year night school program
has lost its accreditation, but that is more due to the requirements of
getting a professional license than a change in the program.

Another area of confusion is the nature of the 4 year program. It is
structured after the Yale undegrad program and is a liberal arts
program, not a professional program. Persons attending undergrad are
expected to complete their training at WU or other school in a grad
program. If you want out in 5 years, then this isn't the place for you.
but if you expect to move on in the design profession, this is a very
strong design school (and also its weakness). It got me into Yale along
with about 7-8 others from my class that went onto Harvard and Cornell.

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