Re: ARCHITECTURE: How to Select Architecturre Students?

Howard's comments on the Master-apprentice approach is well taken.
Especially for those who are studying architecture as a means to
learn how to build. However, the study of architecture as defined
in a university setting still turns out to be one of the best
educations possible. A little statistics would make some of this
clear. There are about 75,000 architects in the US. There are about
30,000 architectural students. It is impossible that the number of
archietects doubles every two years. Society just doesn't need to
build that much. The situation is just as bad in most other developed countries

So it turns out that less than 10% of those students will become
and continue to practice as professional architects. Their education
must prepare them for alternaticve courses of life. An architectural
education is much more rich than programs offered either in liberal
arts or engineering. It is this breadth of education, from the
material to the intellectual, from the arts to the science, from
small to large, from the historical to the future, from the practical
to the fantastic that makes an architectural education an excellent
preparation for whatever the student does.

Ray Lauzzana, Computer Scientist/Publisher
Bach of Architecture, Muichigan, 1968.
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