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O2 Global Network- a network of designers sharing
ecological information

All these loose contacts between designers: why not foster them
in an international network? At the O2-International Event,
November '93, Rotterdam,the kick off for the O2 Global Network
was given by its Netherlands Office. About the four pillars:
Green Pages, adopting a theme of personal concern, the newsletter
and how to hook on to the network.

Remember this?
Once you became aware that you wanted to involve ecological
effects in your design work, there was no way you could find out
where to start. How wide do I set my scope? Do I start
fundamental, practical or both? What effects should I take into
account? How do I find out what the effects are? Surely, somebody
musthave been doing some of this work already?

What examples can I use to convince other people? What approaches
have been tried and which ones survived? What can I do when there
is basically no extra time for ecology?

The O2 Global Network keeps you from reinventing the wheel and
establishes contacts between those active or interested in the
area of ecological design. For enthusiasts to learn,
for experts to link.

Growing O2-organisations
In Denmark, France, Italy, Austria and England, small national
O2-organisations have been active in the field of ecological
design for some years now. Designers and others interested
in the area come together and share information, expertise and
practical approaches. One of the organisations actually functions
as an enterprise, the others are non-profit. The Netherlands,
though the youngest branch on the international trunk, form the
largest and most active group. The national groups are
interrelated by O2 International.

Interest for O2 is growing in other countries: Norway and Belgium
are considering founding an association. Active contacts are
located in the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Slovenia and

The Network
Because of this growing and wide spreading interest and
involvement, it was felt a new and less formal form of
information exchange was needed. The former O2-International is
thus transformed from a meeting-point for O2-board members to an
informal network for all O2-members - that is, basically anybody
interested in ecological design.

As a true network, its character cannot be directed but only be
fostered. The initiators will set up the structure and let the
network live its life. The users define its nature and contents.

The Participants
The network focuses on designers and researchers from various
backgrounds who see ecological issues as a challenge for
creativity. They share an affinity for developing sustainable
plans, designs and scenarios. Backgrounds in industrial design,
architecture, styling, graphic design, arts, or fashion and in
addition to that people from academies, universities or knowledge
centres with an interest in product ecology. However, the network
is open for anybody with an involvement in ecological design.

The Information
To help, inspire, activate and keep informed. The O2 Global
Network will become a simple way to contact enthusiasts and
experts and learn more about:

* facts: in what cases is zinc plated steel okay? where can
printed circuit boards be processed?

* theoretical knowledge & approaches: how do I check I don't
forget anything? where do I start? what can I do in two days?

* creative ideas: Mac Green restaurants, Esprit upgrades used
clothes, Mr. & Mrs. launches phone rings

* practical experience: what is the quality of recycled ABS?
is anybody actually using it?

* plans: what activities can I join? is anybody working in this

* events: what will happen next month?

Of course, sharing information for a better ecology implies a
willingness to sometimes forget competitive interests and
strategic positions. But please remember that not to tell means
not to receive feedback. Moreover: any information customer may
turn out to be an important information supplier.

The Medium
When we talk about the O2 Global Network, this is a network of
people connected by personal contacts, phone, mail or an
electronic network. So don't be afraid you immediately need to
buy a modem and hook yourself on to some electronic network. Just
use the means you already have. We think the network can start
that way and grow in every suitable direction.

Some of the O2 Global Network participants communicate through
CompuServe on-line service, others through Internet.

The Green Pages
Just like you know how to find your plumber in the Yellow Pages,
the Green Pages are your guide in the O2 Global Network. This
annual edition will list all the participants with their
backgrounds, experience, work, publications, fascinations and
plans. Addresses (mail and e-mail) are included. A loose-leaf
version is under examination.

Because of the probable fast growth of the young O2 Global
Network organisation, the first Green Pages will be preliminary
and therefore be included in each newsletter.

The Newsletter - The Paper Outlet
Which brings us at The Paper Outlet. From the end of March, every
three months you can expect an O2 Global Network Newsletter with
items on international activities and topics.

Results from theme discussions and work can be found here. The
Paper Outlet also summarises work on the electronic network - so
that those not in reach of electronic network can stay in touch
with the results. Thus, The Paper Outlet and electronic
networking nicely complement each other.

The Newsletter is open to all participants for expressing
opinions, making announcements and appeals. Editorial efforts
will be restricted to a minimum.

Adopt a theme
You can probably name them right away: those themes that have
your special concern. For some its the technical side of wind
energy, for some the philosophical aspects of material taxing.
The O2 Global Network gives you the opportunity to adopt one of
your themes and become a Theme Parent. This means you set up and
organise a discussion (in any network sense you like, be it
telephone, a special meeting, or e-mail). Every now and then,
the results or the state of the discussion are presented in the
Paper Outlet. The Green Pages give you the means to find those
people you think should definitely be involved in the Theme. And
that is where they find you - if your Theme is theirs as well.
The O2 Global Network will assist some of the Themes in the
beginning. For the Themes Ergonomics and ecology, Fabrics and
fashion design and Future transport scenarios, a start has
already been made.

Research for the European Committee
O2 Global Network has recently become involved in an EC research
project on designer's networking needs and wants. An Italian
research agency is examining the present networking culture and
the use of communication technologies like teleworking,
electronic mail and teleconferencing. O2 Global Network is one of
the seven pilot networks for this survey. We look forward to the
results of this research, as they can be valuable for further
development of O2 Global Network.

The Office
The principal role of the Offices is to organise and facilitate
the network, not to define and direct it. The Netherlands Office
(Iris de Keijser & Marieke Sonneveld) together with Niels
Peter Flint (founder O2 Denmark) have taken the initiative for O2
Global Network. Now, Willem Hanhart and Sytze Kalisvaart have
also joined. New participants can contact the Netherlands Office
to obtain a registration form. This form will serve as a basis
for the first Green Pages.

An annual contribution of 50 Dutch guilders (about $28) will be
raised to cover the expenses of the Newsletter and the Office.
O2 Global Network is a non-profit organisation.

The Address
O2 Global Network - Office
Graaf Florisstraat 118-A
3021 CN Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Phone/Fax -31-(0)-10 47 74 154
e-mail: [email protected] Iris V. Dekeijser
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