New York Art Line debuts on Gopher

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From: [email protected] (Kenneth Greenberg)
Subject: New York Art Line debuts on Gopher
Date: 26 May 1994 18:02:56 -0400

For Immediate Release

Subject: New York Art Line on Panix Gopher
Date: 5-24-1994
Contact: Kenny Greenberg e-mail: [email protected]
voice: 718-728-4450
NEW YORK ART LINE is now available via Gopher to Panix, (Public
Access New York Unix). From any Internet access system enter the
command: 'gopher' or dial in to Panix for a two-week
no risk trial at 212-787-3100 or 516-626-7863 or from any gopher
menu choose 'Other gopher servers, North Amer, USA, NY, Panix'.

NYAL is a simple menu driven "pointer" to Art related resources
on the Internet. It will also post two-line messages announcing
artist exhibitions and events. NYAL will also post detailed info
from art organizations, museums, and galleries.

NYAL will host to the newly evolving concept which I call
"Internetic Art". This area is open now for proposals.

NYAL is the present stage of my ongoing/evolving search for
art and art resources on the Internet. NYAL is a connection to
these resources - one stop shopping for artists - as it were.

When I began, more than two years ago, there were less than a
handful of readily accessed art areas on the net. Today, I can
barely keep up with the rapid expansion of arts on line. (For
more on this see the July 94 issue of Internet World).

Some of the organizations that NYAL will connect you to include:

The Arts Wire gopher from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

OTIS, The Operative Term is STIMULATE project.

The Sunsite graphic image repository.

The Minneapolis School of Art and Design gopher.

The Dallas Museum of Art

Usenet art, craft, and imaging groups.

And art resources from all over the world.

Artists have always been at the cutting edge of technological
and social change while at the same time reserving the right to
be critical and skeptical of these changes. New York Art Line
is a resource that will enable artists to join others who are
attempting to sculpt and shape the landscape of the Information
Super Highway. It is a great starting point for learning how to
use the vast resources of the Internet and for developing contact
with other artists and organizations on line.
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