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Point well taken, William.

> I am simply waiting
for the history of the modern period to be rewritten.

It always did seem to be ludicours/ludicous to set realism against abstraction.
It seems to me to be a rather absurd dialectisc that ran contrary to the
interests of the artists themselves. Everytime i think of "realism" , I can't
help but think of Naum Gabo and the "Realist Manifesto". Gabo laid out the
clearest position of abstraction in the arts that I have ever read.

This modern aggenda isn't over though. Most of the CG artists are certainly
following in the steps of the early modernists. Indeed, the early computer
art works were thoroughl;y formalist. THis is true of music, and poetry as
well as the visual arts. I need to suggest a new book from MIT by Steve
Holtzman to you. At the momemt, I can't remember the name. Ooops I remembered

_Digital Mantras_ He is definitely trying to rewrite the history of 20th
century art in light of computer arts. I would also suggest our journal,
_Languages of Design_, as well as _Leonardo_ and the _Computer Music Journal_
a lot of people are concerned with the shift that happened circa 1950 when
art appeared to move to NYC. There is a thoroughly different history, if
you consider that art might just have moved to a computer.

- ray lauzzana
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