Re: Knowledge in architecture

I am happy to hear that working architects do have an interest in the
psycho-social effects of the built environment on those of us who interact
with their structures. In way of example, the Knoxville (Tenn) Art Museum
is a relatively new structure on which a great deal of money was spent in
making it state-of-the-art. Unfortunately, it would seem the architect
never once visited the site before designing it as the only entrance to
the building is centered on a long high wall faced with white marble in
front of which is a plaza of equally white limestone or cement. This
entrance faces west and is completely unshaded from the sun. From May
through September this plaza acts as a solar oven literally frying anything
and anyone that crosses it. If this was intentional, I fail to understand
the value of blinding people who have come to "view" art. If it is a
mistake, someone paid entirely too much for this design. Thank goodness
for schools of architecture who are willing to make their students think
about these aspects of designing before turning them loose on the citizenry
of this country.
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