ART: Opening. Chicago, Illinois.

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I would like to remind those of you near Chicago that Friday is
Peter Roos's Opening at the Sazama Gallery, 300 W. Superior St.,
5:30 - 8. Peter hasn't been on lately, have missed his comments.
I'm hoping to see some of you Artcritters there, as we did for
Ben's opening a while ago.

I will be showing three large works in a
sculpture invitational in Munster, just across the Indiana border
from Chicago at the Northern Indiana Arts Association, 1040 Ridge Rd, Munster.
The show is from June 8 to July 15, 1994. A reception will be held
on Sunday, June 12 at 2:00 p.m. Would sure like to see some of you
there. I've really enjoyed my "in person" get togethers with artcritters.
AndyJ [email protected]
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