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Y'all may want to look at H-URBAN at UICVM.BITNET, a moderated discussion
list for the discussion of urban history.

Loomis Mayfield
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On Fri, 27 May 1994, Michael Darcy wrote:

> Nola Kunnen writes (26/5/94)
> >I am also interested in linking with others with specific interest in
> >social/community housing, and the exploration of community within urban and
> >regional planning.
> I am currently attempting (or at least trying to find the time to attempt) a
> PhD thesis on social/community housing. My specific interest was initiated
> by some concerted moves in this country (AUSTRALIA) to boost the
> ...
> URBAN-L is the only list I know of which is likely to provide a venue for
> such people. There is also a usenet group called alt.planning.urban
> although several posts to that group on the topic got me no useful replies.
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> Michael Darcy
> Dept of Social Policy and Research Studies
> University of Western Sydney, Macarthur
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