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Date: 2 Jun 1994 23:25:01 -0400

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Looking for information regarding seven schools: Yale, U Penn, U
Virginia, U. Illinois (Champaign or Chicago?), U. Oregon, Maimi (sic)
University and Rice.

As an alumus of the University of Virginia (by the way, it's referred
to as "UVA"), I can highly recommend the school to you. I assume you
will be pursuing the three+ year graduate degree. Let me say that, in
addition to some excellent faculty and a well-designed program, the
best thing about UVA is easily . . . UVA. That is, the grounds of the
university (or, as we call it, The University) are simply the most
compelling physical environment that I have experienced in the US
(Rome and Paris have their charms as well, of course). The Lawn, the
original structures designed by Mr. Jefferson, are always beautiful,
always inspiring, and the level of quality that they exude is always
a challenge eagerly accepted by the architecture school. In addition
to the strong design program, you will also get, free of (additional)
charge, exposure to one of the top two or three departments of
architectural history in the US. Bill Westfall, Guy Wilson, et. al.
are truly first-rate, and their scholarly approach to architectural
investigations permeates the curriculum. The landscape architecture
department, now headed by alum Beth Meyer, is also one of the best.
The result is a genuine design millieu, an interdisciplinary mixture
that enriches your understanding. It's a helluva school.

If the "U. Illinois" you applied to is the Chicago campus, pass for
now; the school is in the aftermath of a violent transitition
(Stanley Tigerman was overthrown in a nasty faculty coup), and the
new director is not in place yet. The person selected as the new
director, Susannah Torre, is excellent, but she won't have much
effect for awhile. There are other good faculty there, but the school
is really somewhat adrift right now. In two or three years, though,
it could be a tremendous place to be. If this is the U. of Illinois
to which you have applied and you are intrigued by being in the midst
of this transition (often the greatest creativity is the direct
byproduct of turmoil), let me know. I live and practice in Chicago
and know most of the key faculty there. Good luck, in any event.

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