Architecture Guide

Here is the most recent revision. Hope it proves useful.
Regards, Jeanne Brown


Compiled by Jeanne M. Brown
Architecture Studies Librarian
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

This edition is dated May 23, 1994. Additions to the
previous edition (2-94) are indicated with an *. Thanks
to Ziga Turk for keeping me up to date on ICARIS
developments, and suggesting sites that might be added to
the list.

I plan on issuing periodic revisions and additions, to be
posted to the University of Michigan Clearinghouse for
Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides (URL:
Address: gopher
and would appreciate receiving corrections and/or
suggestions. They may be sent to [email protected]
or to Jeanne Brown, The University Libraries, Box 45-
7001, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

This is not, indeed cannot be, a comprehensive list.
There are, for instance, many additional technically-
oriented sites, such as the ones in civil engineering, that
would be of interest to architects and builders. There are
also many arts and graphics sites, sources of business
information, etc. that would be of interest. I have
attempted to include at least some of these types of

I cannot guarantee that you will find exactly what is
reported. Addresses, paths, and contents change with
regularity on the Net. Nonetheless it is hoped that it will
assist those interested in architecture and building in their
use and explorations of the Internet.

Knowledge of basic Internet operations such as gopher,
telnet, ftp etc. is assumed.

Keywords include: architecture, building, construction,

Copyright: Permission is granted to use this material for
non-commercial purposes, provided the author is

Section 1: Gopher Collections
a. gophers devoted to architecture/
construction/ building, or with architectural
sections and/or information
b. gophers of architecture schools/
university architecture programs
Section 2: World Wide Web Sites
Section 3: Electronic Journals
Section 4: Listservs
Section 5: Newsgroups
Section 6: Images
Section 7: Indexes
Section 8: Library Catalogs
Section 9: FTP Sites
Section 10: Government Information Sources
* Section 11: Fun and Games

Format: A standard address format is followed. That
format is "protocol address/subdirectory/subdirectory". For
example, UNLV's Architecture Studies Department has
material on the UNLV gopher. The directions for
finding it are in this format: gopher
UNLV Campus Information/ College of Engineering/
Architecture Studies. The URL (Uniform Resource
Locator) is also given. The URL is the address you
would enter at a web site with a browser to get to the
desired location. The format is similar to the one being
followed for the address: protocol://address/subdirectory/subdirectory.
When using the URL, enter the complete address, including
subdirectories. Sometimes the "Address" and the "URL"
given below will be the same; sometimes they will look
quite different.



a. Many gophers offer information grouped by subject
or discipline. A few which have good sections devoted to
art and architecture, or architecture alone are listed here.
Other gophers listed below are devoted specifically to
architecture, building construction, and related fields.
They tend to have more local/original material, as
opposed to pointers to others sites (although those are
also included).

1a.1 Name: Daedalus Design Gopher
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

An experimental gopher at the Centre for Design
at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in
Australia, it is intended to provide "virtual
document collections that reflect the original
nature of the research being undertaken at the
Centre." Centre research papers are available
full-text. The particular focus of the Centre is
environmental design. Links are provided to
other net sources under the subjects architecture,
building & construction, design, horticulture,
urban planning, and environment. The Co-
operative Network for Building Researchers is
using this gopher as a home as well, with a
database of members.

1a.2 Name: RiceInfo
Address: gopher by
subject area/ architecture

URL: gopher://

This section of the Rice University gopher is one
of the four gophers (along with ArchiGopher,
NCSU and University of California Berkeley)
currently listed in gopher jewels under
architecture. It has a relatively extensive menu
including standard sources such as Archigopher,
but also some not usually seen, such as menu
choices for the Rice Design Alliance, the Chicago
Architecture Foundation and Netspiro (the UCB
image library).

*1a.3 Name: University of California Berkeley Library
Address: gopher
Databases and Resources by Subject/Architecture

URL: gopher://

This library gopher includes several library guides
produced for the patrons of the UC-B
Environmental Design Library, as well as links to
online archives of Cadalyst and Computer World
Magazine, and other architecture information.

1a.4 Name: ArchiGopher
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

Currently concentrating on images, it plans to
expand and serve the cause of "dissemination of
architectural knowledge." Included are samples
of Palladio's architectural projects, CAD images,
lunar architecture, and Greek architecture.

*1a.5 Name: Calpoly Library Gopher
Address: gopher guide
to online resources/architecture


Nice selection of pointers to sites such as the US
ADA Design Standards, Rensselaer's slides, and
Arizona State's solar energy index. Also includes
local information: a "Descriptive Guide to the
Julia Morgan Collection."

1a.6 Name: UCSB Library Gopher
Address: gopher gopher
central/ Infosurf (Davidson Library Gopher)/
Subject Collections/ the Arts Collections/ Art and

URL: gopher://

The University of California Santa Barbara's
combined art and architecture section includes, as
of 5/94, the ACM SIGGRAPH Online
Bibliography Project, Archigopher, Artbase:
Bibliography of Arts Online, Ceramics gopher,
Listservs in Art, the Vatican Library Exhibition,
the Art and Images collection from Texas Tech,
and a UCSB Library Reference Guide for Art.

1a.7 Name: Carnegie Mellon Gopher
Address: gopher Art
and Architecture

URL: gopher://
11ftp:English Server:Art&arch:

Carnegie Mellon's gopher is Mac-based, with lots
of Mac compressed files. It includes postings
from alt.architecture (newsgroup), Architronic,
image files, the Mosaic image archive at the
Australian National University, and more. The
Carnegie Mellon gopher also includes full text of
some article-length pieces, e.g. "Office Patterns,"
Artbase, and a review of the Robert Irwin
exhibition catalog.

1a.8 Name: Output Magazine
Address: gopher UT Austin/
Colleges, Departments and Projects/ Output
Magazine (Design)

URL: gopher://

University of Texas, Austin, gopher. It calls
itself a magazine, but it is really a collection of
items gleaned from the Internet. It contains
design-related items, and menu entries for Internet
material as well.

1a.9 Name: University of Texas, Austin, School of

Address: gopher
Austin/Colleges, Departments and Projects/Output
Magazine/SLAB and UT School of Architecture

URL: gopher://

This selection from Output Magazine deserves a
separate listing. It contains links to other gophers
of interest, SLAB Magazine articles, and full-text
of some of the papers from the 3Cyberconf.

1a.10 Name: ICARIS
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

Integrated CAD in AEC Research Information
Server, from Slovenia. Started in August 1993.
"The server should collect information related to
research . . . in . . . : topics of the CIB W78,
integrated computer aided design in architecture-
engineering-construction industries, topics of the
CBR (Computers and Building Regulations), AEC
Information Systems, and automation in
construction in general."

1a.11 Name: TNO Gopher
Address: gopher about
the TNO Organization/ Building and Construction
Research (TNO-Bouw)

URL: gopher://

Netherlands R & D consulting center. Menu
choices include Centre for Building Research,
Centre for Fire Research, Building Technology,
Indoor Environment, and others.

1a.12 Name: IRMA
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

IRMA (Information Reference Model for AEC)
archive. It contains papers, archives from the
email conference, and software utilities.

1a.13 Name: Construction and Real Estate (CARE)
Information System
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://
Part of the gopher of the Hong Kong Polytechnic
Department of Building and Real Estate, the
Construction and Real Estate Information System
has just recently been announced, and currently
contains only a brief introduction. The
department does have information about its
courses and staff available. A web site was
announced simultaneously with the gopher site,
although I have not been able to connect yet. The
URL is

1a.14 Name: McGill University School of Architecture
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

Produced by the students in an Architectural
Modeling class, the projects in siteX provide the
substance here.

*1a.15 Name: Safety Information Resources
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

Safety resources can be found at this University of
Vermont gopher. Topics include construction
safety, occupational safety, ergonomics, air
contaminants, and fire safety.

1a.16 Name: Michigan State University, Composite
Materials and Structures Center

Address: gopher
materials and structures center

URL: gopher://

Primarily engineering, the center's information
includes newsletters and a calendar of conferences
in the US with the dates of the conference, date
the abstract is due, and date the paper is due.

b. More and more university departments and schools are
taking advantage of the capabilities of gopher to mount
information on their programs. Most are "under
development." Many offer menu choices that prove to
have little or no information attached. This list is a
sampling of sites at various stages of development.

1b.1 Name: Istituto Universitario di Architetture,

Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

It includes syllabi, and research projects of the
faculty (in Italian), as well as a link to their
library catalog.

1b.2 Name: Technishe Universiteit Eindhoven, Faculty
of Architecture and Building

Address: gopher
Servers Technishe Universiteit Eindhoven/ Faculty
of Architecture Building and Planning

URL: gopher://

Netherlands. Student projects, information on the
department, and other local information is

1b.3 Name: University of Southern California School
of Architecture

Address: gopher
Information/ Catalogue/ School of Architecture.

URL: gopher://

Fully developed architecture school gopher. In
addition to the pathway given in the address
above, another approach to finding information
related to the School of Architecture is to search
the indexes (a choice on the first menu) by
"architecture". This turns up the School of
Architecture's responses to the provost's questions
regarding strategic planning, as well as
information on the Architecture Library.

*1b.4 Name: Harvard Graduate School of Design

Address: gopher
University On-Line Course Catalogs/design,
graduate school of

URL: gopher://

Also a well-developed site, with information on
the degree programs, facilities, courses, etc. The
following can be searched: course descriptions,
faculty information, and general information.

*1b.5 Name: Cornell College of Architecture, Art and

Address: gopher
life/courses/Cornell University courses/college of
architecture, art and planning

URL: gopher://

158 screens (at last count) of course descriptions!
You can also search the Cornell gopher by
keyword, and "architecture" turns up such
interesting information as the alumni list of the
department (the firm at which they work is given,
although the individual's name is coded).

1b.6 Name: University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
Architecture Studies Department

Address: gopher
Campus Information/ College of Engineering/
Architecture Studies

URL: gopher://elmore.CS.UNLV.EDU:70/11/

Planning is underway to expand in the next
several months. Currently only general
information about the program is included.

1b.7 Name: Czech Technical University, Faculty of

Address: gopher information
catalog/ Faculty of architecture

URL: gopher://

A description of the program, course-related
reading, and staff information.

1b.8 Name: Brown University, History of Art and
Architecture Department

Address: gopher
University Information/Departments/History of
Art and Architecture

URL: gopher://

Departmental description and concentration

1b.9 Name: Yale University, School of Architecture

Address: gopher University
Information/ Academic Information/ Professional
Schools/ Architecture, School of

URL: gopher://

At the moment, only the school's academic
calendar is posted, but it includes jury week!

1b.10 Name: University of Virginia, School of

Address: gopher
of the university/School of Architecture

URL: gopher://minerva.acc.Virginia.EDU:70/00/

Although only one of the three menu choices
contains information (the description), the
computers in planning menu choice (to be
developed) is intriguing.

1b.11 Name: University of Hawaii School of

Address: gopher
information/1993-95 UHM general and graduate
information catalog/school-college information/
School of Architecture

URL: gopher://

Program descriptions, honors and awards, list of

1b.12 Name: University of Minnesota, College of
Architecture & Landscape Architecture

Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

"Under Development" but does have information
on their lecture series posted, as well as gopher
links to gophers pulled from this list (the February
1994 version).



As with gophers, you can go directly to the address
given. There are several ways to do this. If you have a
www browser, type the name of the browser (e.g. lynx)
at your account prompt, then "g" [for go]. You will then
be asked for a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which
is the complete address, including subdirectories and final
dashes if given (punctuation is important). If you do not
have a www browser, you can telnet to a web site that
does (e.g. to, use www as the
login, then type "g" etc. as described above. Additional
web sites appear in other sections below, particularly the
section on government information.

*2.1 Name: ArtSource

ArtSource, established March 1994 and already an
extremely useful source, provides both text, and
links to information on art and architecture. A
hypertext version of this list is being planned by
site owner Mary Molinaro. Materials are also
available for ftp from

2.2 Name: EDV-Lab at the Technical University of
Vienna (Austria)


This architecture-related web site includes
connections to other architecture-related gophers,
online art and architecture journals, architecture-
related newsgroups, and miscellaneous.

*2.3 Name: Australian National University -- Institute
of the Arts


2500 images of classical architecture of the
Mediterranean Basin. To go directly to the
searchable architecture database, use the URL:

*2.4 Name: University of Virginia Digital Image
Center, Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library


Images from an architecture history class, on
Renaissance and Baroque architecture in France
and Italy.

*2.5 Name: Landscape Architecture Web

Great site for landscape architecture and planning.
Includes links to lots of environmental servers,
landscape images, and planning documents and

*2.6 Name: Rice Design Alliance

This site holds full-text of many of the papers
given in the spring lecture series on the virtual
city, as well as information on the Design

*2.7 Name: ICARIS

Recently announced, this is an expansion of the
ICARIS gopher mentioned above (1a9). From the
table of contents, they will also be including full-
text of papers.

2.8 Name: Georgia Institute of Technology Graphics,
Visualization and Useability Center


Research projects and technical reports are

*2.9 Name: OTIS

A collection of art and graphics. The web site
also allows you to access the ftp materials, or you
can do that directly from:

*2.10 Name: EINET Galaxy

This site has a topical arrangement to assist in
accessing other web sites. Architecture is listed
under Arts and Humanities.

*2.11 Name: Solar Energy and Building Physics
Laboratory (Laboratoire d'Energie Solaire et de
Physique du Batiment)


Includes information on research projects in
daylighting and photovoltaics. It is also an
excellent entry into some of the technical Internet
sources related to building.



3.1 Architronic, architecture's one electronic journal,
produced by Kent State University Department of
Architecture and Environmental Design, is
available at several sites, or you can subscribe by
sending a message to [email protected] :
subscribe arcitron <name>

Various gophers have different issues of
Architronic. For the most recent issue:

Gopher address:

Gopher site URL:
Journals/Architronic:Electronic Journal of

Web site URL:

The Architronic archives is at URL: (login: architecture;
password: archives)

*3.2 Name: Energy Smart Newsletter

To subscribe, send your email address to
[email protected] This is a free monthly
newsletter which aims to educate the consumer
about energy efficient technology. It is also
interesting for its orientation toward the
incorporation of new communications technologies
in buildings.

3.3 Name: Commerce Business Daily
Address: gopher -- Commerce
Business Daily

URL: gopher://

This is available on the net, but for a fee.
However, a searchable index, which provides a
partial description (whatever fits on one line) is
provided for the last day's issue, and the last ten
days. Commerce Business Daily "announces
invitations to bid on proposals requested by the
US Federal Government. This gopher is updated
every business day."

3.4 Although Architronic is the only electronic journal
in architecture, related areas are fielding journals
of their own. To find electronic journals in
related areas, gopher to (URL:
gopher:// Journals are organized
in various ways, including subject. Art is a
subject; Architecture is under the subject
"Science" -- as are engineering, environment, and
other topics of interest.



4.1 DESIGN-L: this discussion group interprets
"design" broadly to include arts, architecture,
industrial design, etc. The list owner pulls many
postings from other discussion groups (like
ARTCRIT) and newsgroups (like alt.architecture).
To subscribe send the subscription request to
[email protected] or [email protected] If
you want to view some recent postings, gopher to
Daedalus or RiceInfo (see above in gopher

4.2 You can subscribe to the lighting discussion
group, which, by the way, became much less
active with the establishment of newsgroup, by sending a subscription
request to [email protected]

4.3 The only specifically "architecture" discussion
group is ARQUITECTURA-L, in Spanish,
originating in Venezuela. To subscribe, send a
message to [email protected]

4.4 Computer-related lists include
[email protected], [email protected]
(or, Ingr-en
(subscribe to this Intergraph list by sending mail
to [email protected]) and GIF-
[email protected] There are others.

*4.5 Several building/construction discussion groups
are operating out of the UK: To subscribe to
Environmental Performance Analysis Club),
IBPSA (International Building Performance
Simulation Association), or IT-RD send a JOIN
message (e.g. JOIN IT-RD First Name Last
Name) to [email protected] To browse
the archives of mailbase lists, gopher to (URL: gopher://
Lists are in sections, alphabetically by list name.

4.6 The Consortium of Art and Architecture
Historians (CAAH) is a restricted list. To apply
send a subscribe message to [email protected]
or [email protected] You'll be given
further instructions by email.

4.7 Cooperative Network for Building Researchers
(CNBR). To join, send a message to
[email protected] with your name,
department, institution; email, fax, phone and
postal addresses; and indicate your main teaching
and research areas. Rather than a discussion
group, this list's mission is to circulate research
enquiries and distribute information of common

4.8 ICARIS (see gopher description 1a9 above) also
runs a discussion group. To subscribe send
message to [email protected] The message
should read SUBSCRIBE ICARIS-L [Your Name]

4.9 IRMA (also a gopher, see 1a11 above). To
subscribe to the discussion list send mail to
[email protected] with SUBSCRIBE
IRMA-L [Your Name] in the body of the

*4.10 There are two lists particularly of interest to
landscape architects: LARCH-L (send subscribe
message to [email protected]) and
LARCHNET (subscribe to
[email protected]). LARCH-L has
substantially more postings than LARCHNET.

*4.11 The environment, design and human behavior
discussion group (ENVBEH-L) addresses "topics
concerning the relations of people and their
physical environments." Send a message to
[email protected] if you would like to join the

*4.12 Architecture librarians have several discussion
groups. Two in the United States are ARLIS-L
([email protected]), sponsored by Art
Libraries Society of North America and AASL-L
([email protected]), sponsored by the
Association of Architecture School Librarians.
ARLIS-L has substantially more postings than
AASL-L; AASL-L was announced in March

4.13 Lists of listservs in the arts, and their addresses,
are available at many sites. e.g. gopher gopher central/ InfoSurf/
Subject Collections/ Arts Collections/ Art and
Architecture/ Listservs in Art (URL:
Easy access to the standard Kovacs list by
academic discipline is provided at the University
of Saskatchewan (gopher
Computing/ Internet Information/Directory of
Scholarly Electronic Conferences; URL:
gopher:// Information/
Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences). This list is
searchable by keyword.

The section of the Kovacs list on Art and
Architecture was compiled by Kara Robinson.
That list is posted at the University of Michigan
Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet
Research Guides (URL:



alt.architecture is the name of a "newsgroup" or
informal discussion group. Some topics which
have been discussed in the past are architecture
schools, alternatives to fiberglass insulation,
pedestrian malls, and gargoyles. You can read
the most recent postings to alt.architecture by
gophering to RiceInfo (see above). Other usenet
newsgroups of interest are alt.housing.nontraditional,
design, alt.cad, alt.planning.urban,, and The
gopher at the Virginia Polytechnic (Address:
gopher information services/
usenet news servers; URL:
accesses 46 usenet news servers (each server has
thousands of newsgroups), including their own (an
excellent site for browsing through newsgroups).
And hopefully your system will have local news
feeds and readers (such as RN, TIN, or Trumpet)
to read these groups at will.


Section 6: IMAGES

Images are available at many of the gopher and
web sites mentioned above (web sites are
beginning to be the major source of online
images). In this section are sources which do not
fit in those categories, as well as information on
finding viewers.

Unless you have mosaic on your system (and
many of us do not), images on the Internet must
be retrieved and downloaded before viewing.
Software for viewing is also necessary. Several
freeware software can be obtained easily from the
Library of Congress gopher:
Events, Facilities, Programs, and Services/ Events
and Exhibits/ Online Exhibits/ [any of the exhibits
listed]/ viewers (URL:
Information in the README will help you select
the appropriate viewer.

Images are posted to the newsgroups (for pictures
done using computer graphics programs) and (for
reproductions). Archives are available for ftp

Spiro, the University of California Berkeley image
library, has approximately 8000 images. To
access it, you must have x windows. Xhost Then telnet or rlogin
to At the prompt,
enter "netspiro". You will be prompted for the
name of your X Window display. Enter in the
format: your.machine.full.address:0. (This
information is taken from a brochure on SPIRO.
For more information send mail to
[email protected]).


Section 7: INDEXES

7.1 Name: ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography

Searchable by keyword, this online bibliography
turns up material on such topics as CAD and
computer graphics. It is available at several
gophers, including UCSB's (1a6 above).

7.2 Name: Arizona State's Solar Energy Index

Address: telnet Other Library
Systems/ Carl Corporation Network Libraries --
Western US/ Arizona Libraries/ Other ASU
Libraries Specialized Collections and Databases

URL: telnet://

Journal articles, patents, technical reports,
pamphlets -- on alternative energy sources.

7.3 Name: Uncover
Address: telnet
URL: telnet://

A table of contents index covering many
architecture periodicals (1986- ), Uncover is
accessible without charge. To exit type //exit.

7.4 Name: Archpics

Address: telnet, login:library
(press the esc key and 2 at the same time to
change databases and get to archpics).

URL: telnet://, login:library

This index to architectural illustrations is also
available through many gophers (e.g. RiceInfo,
1a2 above).

7.5 Name: Artbase: Bibliography of Arts Online

Available at several gophers, including UCSB's
(1a6 above).

7.6 Name: Art/Architecture titles from Princeton
University Press

Address: gopher
Princeton University Press Books In Print/
Princeton University Press/ By Disciplines/ Art
and Architecture

URL: gopher://

*7.7 Name: Quakeline
Address: telnet 23 (from the
menu choose INDX, then QKLN)

URL: telnet:// (from the
menu choose INDX, then QKLN)

"The database of the National Center for
Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER),
contains bibliographic information on the subjects
of earthquakes, earthquake engineering, natural
hazards mitigation, and related topics." Primarily
1987 onwards. Includes non-book as well as print

*7.8 Name: BRI Index
Address: telnet NISS Bulletin
Board/Academic Disciplines "N"/ N7 Building
and Construction/ N7a BRI Index

URL: telnet://

The 1993 Index for Building Research and
Information, the International Journal of Research,
Development and Demonstration, is by subject,
name, and classified title (annotated).


Section 8: LIBRARY CATALOGS (a sampling).

To obtain the telnet address and logon procedures
for libraries not listed below, access the list
maintained at Yale, which is searchable by
location or keyword.

Address: gopher Research and
Library Services/ More Research and Library
Services/ Library Catalogs Beyond Yale

URL: gopher://

8.1 Name: Julia Morgan Collection, San Simeon:
Calpoly State University, San Luis Obispo

Address: telnet (to exit type x
at menu)

URL: telnet://

8.2 Name: Roman Ecclesiastical Architecture,
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Address: telnet (to exit type
exit or end)

URL: telnet://

8.3 Name: Columbia University Library.
Address: telnet (to exit
type q twice)

URL: telnet://

The Avery is the premier architecture collection;
however their online catalog, named CLIO, dates
from 1981 only.

8.4 Name: Carnegie Mellon
Address: telnet (login:library)
URL: telnet://

Includes archpics, an index to architectural

8.5 Name: Iowa State Visual Resources Collection
(College of Design)

Address: gopher Research

URL: gopher://

Indexes for medium, country, artist, title, style,
technique, century, location. Includes architecture.

8.6 Name: EPA National Catalog Database
Address: telnet
URL: telnet://

8.7 Name: Rensselaer Polytechnic
Address: telnet infotrax.
URL: telnet://infotrax.

About 30,000 volumes in architecture, with a
special interest in emerging technologies, and a
separate architecture slides database.

8.8 Name: University of California Melvyl
Address: telnet
URL: telnet://

In addition to strong collections in architecture at
UCLA (23,000 volumes) and Berkeley (160,000
volumes), the UC Melvyl catalog is also a
gateway to the catalogs of many other impressive
collections including Harvard, Princeton, Penn
State, Yale.

8.9 Name: Arizona State University

Address: telnet Library
Systems/ Carl Corporation Network Libraries --
Western US/ Arizona Libraries

URL: telnet://

Arizona State University has architecture
collection of about 20,000 volumes, and a
specialization in solar and energy efficient design.

8.10 Name: Harvard
Address: telnet (login: hollis)
URL: telnet://

About 235,000 volumes in architecture. VT100

8.11 Name: Yale
Address: telnet 6520
URL: telnet://

VT100 required. About 75,000 volumes in
architecture, with emphasis on theory and

8.12 Name: University of Michigan
Address: telnet (At host?
prompt type mirlyn).

URL: telnet://

VT100 required. About 50,000 volumes in

8.13 Name: University of Maryland College Park

Address: telnet pac/vt 100/ UMS
Campus Library Catalogs/ UM College Park

URL: telnet://

Includes the National Trust Library.

*8.14 Name: Library of Congress LOCIS
Address: telnet
URL: telnet://


Section 9: FTP SITES (Ftp sites have been incorporated
into the sections above on gophers, world wide web sites,
and images. Additional sites can be identified by
searching archie. In terms of images, the ftp sites I've
seen announced have been primarily art/graphics, rather
than architecture.)


(This is a selection of those sites thought to
be of interest to architecture/building. Extensive guides
to government sources are found at the University of
Michigan Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet
Research Guides).

Many gophers link to government information,
including (of course) the Library of Congress
gopher (URL:
gopher:// and
InfoSlug at the University of California Santa
Cruz (Address: gopher
community/guide to government; URL:
Community/Guide to Government--U.S., State
and Local)

A good collection of US government gophers can
be found at the UC-Irvine gopher. Address:
reference desk/US government gophers.

URL: gopher://

Another good collection has been set up at the
University of Missouri at St. Louis. It includes
the Occupational Outlook Handbook, Overseas
Business Reports, the U.S. Industrial Outlook (for
such as construction and construction materials),
and Small Business Administration Industry
Profiles (amongst many other titles).
Address: gopher
government information

URL: gopher://

10.1 Name: NTIS FedWorld
Address: telnet
URL: telnet://

In addition to NTIS information, this is a major
gateway to government information. It is
however, often busy and difficult to access.

10.2 Name: Environmental Protection Agency
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

The EPA gopher includes EPA information
locators such as ACCESS EPA (a directory full of
information that also refers you to other sources,
to the EPA online library catalog, and to EPA
gophers), EPA standards, rules, etc.

10.3 Name: Water Resources gopher
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

This one is not produced by the government, but
it does include some government-produced
information, such as the USGS WRSIC Research

10.4 Name: National Science Foundation
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

NSF publications, awards, agencies, as well as
links to other government gophers.

10.5 Name: Code of Federal Regulations
Name: Federal Register
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

Both are searchable, but full information available
only for a fee.

10.6 Name: US National Archives, Center for
Electronic Records

Address: ftp


The file contains the Center's title list of data
files. It can also be accessed through the Library
of Congress gopher (Address:gopher information/ federal
information resources/ national libraries and
national archives/ National Archives and Records
Administration/ Center for Electronic Records;
URL: gopher://

10.7 Name: Occupational Safety and Health
Administration gopher

Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

The OSHA gopher includes standards, grants,
workstation ergonomics, and a searchable OSHA

10.8 Name: National Institute of Standards and

Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

Includes information on their laboratory programs,
such as the Materials Science and Engineering
Laboratory, and the Building and Fire Research

10.9 Name: US Budget
Address: gopher
virtual reference desk

URL: gopher://

Searchable by keyword. The address is for the
University of California Irvine link to the US
Budget at the University of North Carolina gopher
site. Both are included since it is easier (i.e. fewer
menu choices) to retrieve the budget from the
University of California Irvine address.

10.10 Name: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Address: gopher federal
government information

URL: gopher://

WAIS-searchable; also available on the WAIS list.

10.11 Name: Census of Population and Housing

Address: gopher reference
and information center/ US and Missouri Census
Information/US Census Data

URL: gopher://

1990 data with comparisons from 1980.

10.12 Name: Federal Information Exchange
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

On research programs, grants and more.

10.13 Name: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Access is provided to their gopher, their library
catalog, and their publications list. The Lawrence
Berkeley Laboratory has a Center for Building
Science which has programs in Building
Technologies (including windows and
daylighting), Energy Analysis, and Indoor Air

10.14 Name: Cornucopia of Disability Information,
Government Information
Address: gopher
government documents

URL: gopher://

The full-text of the Americans with Disabilities
Act (ADA), as well as accessibility guidelines,
can be found at this gopher.

10.15 Name: U.S. AID Procurement and Business
Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

10.16 Name: EPA Chemical Substance Factsheets, at
Address: gopher
education-- EcoGopher Environmental
Library/Environmental Factsheets/EPA Chemical
Substance Factsheets

URL: gopher://

10.17 Name: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
* Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

Research in progress, NREL publications
database, new energy information locator, solar
radiation data and maps, wind energy resources
maps, and more.

10.18 Name: National Technology Transfer Center
* Address: gopher
URL: gopher://

A gateway to funding and research opportunities,
technologies available for licensing, and contacts
for the federal laboratory system.


*Section 11: FUN AND GAMES

*11.1 Name: Architecture Virtual Pub

Instructions: To join, type irc from GO (or $);
type in your nickname (/nick nickname); type
/join #arcpub

Internet relay chat forum, occurring Fridays at 5
p.m. EST. The pub was started by students and
staff at McGill University, Montreal. [As
announced on the net; not actually tested.]

*11.2 Name: Point Moot, Texas

Address: telnet 8888 (Type
help for list of commands, and @quit to leave).

URL: telnet://

Claims to be the Net's first virtual city. A moo
(multiple object-oriented site), with multiple
simultaneous users.
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