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Dr. Martin Woolley, Director of the School of Design Research,
BIAD, University of Central England, Corporation St, Birmingham
B4 7DX
Tel: (021) 331 5865 Fax: (021) 331 5820
e-mail: [email protected]

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14th, 15th and 16th September 1994

You are invited to attend our international Research
Conference in Art and Design at Gray's School of Art,
The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

The Conference is being organised by the Art & Design Research
Unit at Gray's School of Art. The Conference programme will run
over three days, from Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th September 1994.

Research in Art & Design has reached an exciting stage in its
development. There are many issues which are currently being
debated around the world in this relatively new and expanding field.

The Conference aims to generate debate about current and
exciting issues in Art & Design Research. The Conference will
bring together a diverse and supranational group of delegates.

The Conference intends to address practical considerations
which affect Research in Art & Design, as well as exploring
the underlying philosophical issues. These concerns are reflected
in the Conference themes:

% The relationship between Art & Design practice and research

% Supervision and examination

% Research procedures and methodologies

% Responses to current cultural contexts

% Unorthodox submissions for higher degrees

% Evaluating research / UFC Research Assessment Exercise

% Future models of research funding

% The impact of new technology on research

% Interdisciplinary research

Guest speakers
Guest speakers include:

Professor Richard Demarco, Dr Susan Tebby, Dr Martin Woolley,
Dr Andrew Stonyer, together with other eminent contributors.

Conference events
Parallel seminars, include poster/presentation sessions.
If you wish to present a poster please write to the conference
organiser. The content of the poster should reflect one or
more of the conference themes.

For further details and a conference booking form, please contact:

Conference Organiser
Karen Grikitis
30 Louisville Avenue
Telephone: 0224 316513
Fax: 0224 311110

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11, 12 and 13th April 1995 - The University of Salford


The Design Disciplines: Product, Place and Communication

e.g. Graphic Design, Information Design, Product and Industrial
Design, Fashion and Textiles, Interior Design,
Designer / Maker issues etc.

Design Management

e.g. Design Strategy, Design Policy, Marketing and Design, Design
and Manufacturing, Innovation etc.

Design Theory

e.g. Design Methods, Psychology and Design, Creativity and

Eco and Environmental Design

International Issues in Design

It is anticipated that there will be tracks related to each of
these topics, however all of them could be addressed from an
educational, historical, technological or practical perspective.

Deadline for completed papers: 31st September 1994

For further information about the EAD or if you would like to
submit a paper, please contact:

Dr Rachel Cooper
The Research Unit
Centre of Design Manufacture & Technology
University College Salford
Frederick Rd
Salford, M6 6PU

Phone: 061 834 6633 ext. 484
Fax: 061 834 3327

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The Nottingham Trent University


A two day conference at the Royal Society, London

7th & 8th November 1994

The development and use of Three-Dimensional Imaging techniques has
grown considerably in recent years. This conference is being held
to provide a forum for the exchange and cross fertilisation of
ideas in this diverse subject.

Conference sessions are proposed on:

* Industrial aspects and applications
* Medical Applications
* Security Applications
* Holography and Computer Graphics
* Entertainment Applications

Authors should submit an abstract of approximately 500 words,
stating also the title of the intended presentation, name and

Abstracts should be addressed to:

Dawn Albery, Commercial Administrative Centre,
The Nottingham Trent University
Burton Street
Nottingham, NG1 4BU

Telephone: (0602) 486409
Fax: (0602) 486536


The conference is being organised by the Nottingham Trent University
in association with i2i Vision Ltd

People wishing to attend the conference should contact Dawn Albery
at the above address

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

International Conference on Design and Technology


Educational Research and Curriculum Development

22 - 24 August 1994

Department of Design and Technology

Loughborough University of Technology

The conference will cover curriculum development and research
in Design Technology from Primary to Tertiary Education.
Papers have been called for on the following topics:
Assessment, CAD/CAM, Cognitive Modelling, Gender Issues,
GNVQs, Graphics, Higher Education, Home Economics (Food,
Textiles), Industry-Education links, Information Technology,
International Issues, Leaning Issues, Links between curriculum
subjects, Modelling, Primary (5-11 years of age), Research,
Secondary (11-19 years of age), Skills, Teaching Methods, and
Values. As usual we welcome contributions from our overseas
visitors about their approaches to Design Technology
Education. The conference will bring teachers and lecturers up
to date and, with its special interest discussion groups,
provide ideal in-service training.

Conference Aims

The aims of the Conference are, with reference to Design and
Technology, to:

* provide an opportunity for teachers, lecturers, researchers,
industrialists and others, to present and discuss accounts of
their current research and concerns in the form of papers and
posters at a major conference;

* consider accounts of curriculum development in progress;

* promote curriculum development;

* identify areas for future development and research;

* stimulate discussion and provide a forum for the dissemination
of ideas world-wide.

Conference audience

The conference is an established national and international
forum for Design and Technology education and attracts a wide
audience from all those who are involved with, or interested
in, the development of design and technology curricula and
pedagogy in schools, colleges and higher education in this
country and overseas

Conference Format

The format of the conference is based on that of previous
years with:
* invited keynote lectures
* paper presentations, each of 20 minutes, in parallel sessions;
* posters (displays of curriculum development and research);
* conference dinner with guest speakers;
* research clinic where delegates can discuss research
* opportunities for discussion in special interest groups (SIGS);
* exhibition

Conference Fee

The cost of attending the full three days of the conference is
186 pounds if paid before 1 July; 201 pounds if paid after 1
July. This conference fee includes all conference sessions,
Monday 22 August to Wednesday 24 August, coffee, tea, lunch
and dinner on each day of the conference, including the
Conference Dinner.

A daily rate of 60 pounds per day is available for those
unable to attend the whole conference.

For further details please contact:

Mrs Eileen Havard-Williams, Conference Organiser (IDATER 94)
Department of Design & Technology
Loughborough University of Technology
Loughborough, Leics. LE11 3TU

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Call for proposals

Conference on Computers in Art & Design Education

University of Brighton

18 - 21 April 1995

An opportunity to participate in three days of discussions and exhibitions
on computers in Art & Design education and research around the following
* New technologies: methods and applications
* Case studies of the integration of computing into courses
* Current research activities
* Exhibitions of creative output
* Implications of changes in professional practice

Topics covered will include: * Multimedia * Performing Arts * Computer
Animation * Textiles and Fashion * Product Design * Networking *
Interactive Design * Fine Art * Programming * Digital Typography * Virtual
Reality * Liaison with Industry * Installatins * Educational Case Studies *
Art & Design History * Electronic Music* Collaborative Design *

Important dates:
Extended abstracts of papers 2 Sept. 1994
Authors notified of acceptance by 14 Oct. 1994
Camera ready copy of papers 13 Jan. 1995
Proposals for posters/demonstrations 13 Jan. 1995

Conference Programme
* Tutorials
There will be a programme of six tutorials on 18th April.

* Workshops
There is an opportunity for specialist groups to meet to discuss
nominated topics on 18th April.
Submissions to Conference Office by 2 September 1994.

* Keynote speakers
There will be a number of internationally recognised keynote speakers.

* Written papers
Some sessions at the conference will be dedicated to presentations
supported by printed papers. These will be allocated 30 minutes each.
Extended abstracts should be submitted in the first instance and these will
be refereed by two independent experts If your abstract is accepted you
will be asked to produce a full paper for the proceedings.
Submissions to Prof. Stephen Scrivener by 2 September 1994.

* Exhibitions and performances
Anyone wishing to make public the creative output that has resulted or
results from the use of computers may request for appropriate arrangements
to be made. This could include showings of videos, performances of dance or
music, installations, etc.
Submissions to Conference Office by 13 January 1995.

* Postgraduate Session
There will be a special session to enable postgraduate students to
discuss their work with other students and a panel of experts.
Submissions to Conference Office by 13 January 1995.

* Gallery exhibition
There will be a gallery exhibition of computer-generated fine art prints
in the University of Brighton Gallery to coincide with the conference.
Anyone wishing further details contact Sue Gollifer, c/o Conference Office.
Submissions to Conference Office by 13 January 1995.

* Demonstrations
Demonstrations are intended for working software or hardware which should
be able to be used by other participants at the conference. Those wishing
to demonstrate must be prepared to bring their own equipment.
Submissions to Conference Office by 13 January 1995.

* Posters
Poster sessions are intended for those whose work is more visual or whose
ideas are more speculative. Each accepted poster will be allocated a board
(approx. 6ft * 3 ft). There will be designated times in the programme when
authors should be availableto answer questions on their poster.
Submissions to Conference Office by 13 January 1995.

* Trade exhibition
Rooms will be allocated for a trade exhibition to coincide with the
Enquiries to Conference Office by 13 January 1995.

Submission details
All submissions must contain: name and institution of each artist or
author; address for correspondence; telephone, fax and email (if
available); equipment required for the presentation; and keywords.
In addition the following is required for each category of submission:
Papers: extended abstract of 1-2,000 words
Workshop topics: description of proposed topic
(max. 200 words)
Posters & demonstrations: short description (max. 200 words)
Exhibitions and performances: short description (max. 200
words), duration of performance (if applicable)
Postgraduate Session: abstract (max. 500 words)
Gallery exhibition: further details will be sent on request
Abstracts of Papers should be sent to Professor Stephen Scrivener, School
of Art & Design, University of Derby, Kedleston Road, Derby, DE22 1GB
(email [email protected])
All other submissions and enquiries should be sent to the Conference Office.

The Conference fee is expected to be #220 with an early payment reduction
of #25. The fee for registered students is expected to be #110 with an
early payment reduction of #15.

The best papers will be included in a book to be published in 1995.
Because of the visual nature of much of the material, a CD-ROM will also be
produced around the themes of the conference and all material submitted
will be considered for inclusion.

The venue
Brighton is situated on the South Coast, just 60 minutes by train from
London, 40 minutes from Gatwick Airport and 40 minutes from the
cross-Channel ferry terminal at Newhaven. The conference will take place
at the Grand Parade site which is a short distnce from the sea, BrightonUs
Royal Pavilion and other tourist attractions.

A number of student study bedrooms have been reserved at the Falmer campus
of the University which is a short bus or train ride from the conference
venue. These will provide accommodation at around #19 per night for those
who require it. Alternatively, righton has many hotels and boarding houses
at all price ranges and details will be provided on request.

Conference Office address:
Dr. Colin Beardon
University of Brighton
Grand Parade
Brighton BN2 2JY
Tel: 0273 - 643179
Fax: 0273 - 643128
email: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

International Conference on Engineering Design
22-24 August 1995
Czech Technical University (CVUT)
Prague, Czech Republic

This conference is called to review and extend the results of
long-term co-operation within the framework of ICED, and
particularly to transfer this knowledge into engineering practice.
It is the tenth in the ICED series, they started with ICED 81 Rome
and continued with growing success in Copenhagen, Hamburg,
Boston (MA), Budapest, Harrogate, Dubrovnik, Zurich and
the Hague. Since their inception, over 3000 experts from 59
countries have attended.

The proposed themes include:
* state and future trends of design science, research
and methods.
* state of current application of design science and
methods into engineering practice, problems and
consultation support.
* branch-specific design science, e.g. for machine tools,
complex plant, etc.
* design processes: general systematic design - application,
management of design process, methods in various design
stages (e.g. for evaluation, representation, etc.)
* product development methodology, relationships to current
best industrial practice, methods such as integration,
QFD, TQM, concurrency, Taguchi methods etc.
* design for quality, especially design for manufacture,
assembly, distribution, transport, economics,
(especially costs), environment (ecology), reliability,
maintenance and repair, etc.
* design support by computers - design support systems
(including decision support), product modelling (e.g.
features-based), knowledge modelling, attachment of
properties to product models, etc.
* education for engineering design

The schedule of planning is:

30th August 1994 submission of abstracts
15th November 1994 acceptance of abstracts
15th February 1995 receipt of camera-ready manuscripts
for Proceedings

Abstracts should be 400 to 500 words in length, must indicate
which of the announced topics is to be addressed by the
contribution, and must contain indications of references from
previous ICED conferences and the open literature. Working
languages for the conference and papers will be English and German.

Abstracts and pre-registration applications:
ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
CH 8028 Zurich,
Tel: 41 - 1-632-2431/5778
Fax: 41-1-262-0211
Conference Department,
Postfach 102
CH 8028 Zurich

Further information is available from:
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technica 4
CZ 166 07 Praha 6.
Tel: 42-2-311-1273
Fax: 42-2-2431-0292

W Ernst Eder,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Royal Military College of Canada
Canada K7K 5LO]
Tel: 613-541-6065
Fax: 613-542-8612

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information,

Moscow, 5-9th September 1994

Conference Aims:
The conference is concerned with the creative human activity of
designing artifacts such as systems, structures, machines and a
variety of objects. It aims to reconsider an important question:

* How could we use information technology (IT) to enhance
human creativity and improve the effectiveness of designers?

The conference will build upon achievements and learn from
limitations of current systems. Examples of important questions
which we shall discuss in Moscow include:
* Why is it that we do not know how to employ information
technology at the conceptual stage of design when a major
creative effort is required?
* Do we know how to support concurrent engineering, i.e. teams
of designers from a variety of disciplines co-operating on
the development of new products with customers and marketing
* What is the best way of using IT to aid the strategic
evolution of products, i.e. designing products that can
evolve with the changing requirements of customers?

Panel Discussion:
* The lessons of CAD history - the achievements, mistakes,

Conference Language:
Abstracts and papers should be written in English. Presentations
can be made in English or in Russian. Professional interpreters
will be available for sequential interpreting during the conference.

Further information from:
Dr Anthony Lucas-Smith
The Open University
Design Discipline
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes,
UK. Tel: (+44 908) 65 5022 Fax: (+44 908) 65 4052
e-mail: [email protected]

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