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Subject: Announcing the first issue of Cyberkind

For those of you who are wondering, you got on this list because you
either expressed interest in or made a submission to CYBERKIND. The list
will be used only to announce updates to the magazine, and I promise
messages will be short. However, if you would rather not receive any
further announcements, please send me email and I will immediately remove
you from the list. Once again, thank you for your interest in CYBERKIND.

Shannon Turlington

Announcing CYBERKIND, a new WorldWideWeb magazine of 'Net-related
fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art.

CYBERKIND features prose and art submitted by the Internet population.
All genres and subjects are considered, as long as there is some connection
to the Internet, cyberspace, computers or the networked world in
general. This first issue's features range from an article on writers
and the Internet to a computer-related mystery to a hyperlinked poem. This
first issue also features a variety of graphic art.

Please give CYBERKIND a read. It can be found at the following URL:

Many thanks to SunSITE for providing the server space for this project.

CYBERKIND is always looking for submissions of prose, poetry and art.
Please send submissions or queries to "[email protected]".
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