Passive Cooling

>I was wondering if anyone
knows of magazine or newspaper articles that were written regarding the

I read an article in the current issue of _Home Power_ magazine describing
the use of a tower constructed in a way to catch the wind, direct it thru
evaporative cooler pads and into the house. The "cool tower", as the author
called it, was almost totally passive. The only outside power it required
was 12 VDC to run the pump circulating water on the pads. I'm not sure of
the address of _Home Power_ but your local library should be able to come up
with that info.

>The focus would be on the materials used or any construction
techniques used

The author didn't describe the materials he used, but I thought that precast
concrete conduit would work. His seemed to be made of bricks, much like a
very large chimney.

>any articles regarding the subject would be greatly

This article was very well written and described in detail the author's quest
for passive cooling in the AZ desert. I, too, would appreciate any info you
might have on this subject. I'm not studying the subject formally, but am
very interested in the area of solar, wind and alternative energy sources.
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