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Subscription is now open to a new mailing list ECOCT-A (Ecocity
Announcements) in preparation of the launching of the International
ECOCITY Electronic Network.

This is a "read-only" list for announcements from the organisers. Network
members will be able join other ECOCITY mailing lists for exchange
information as well as conduct workshop sessions on selected issues
related to technical, economic, social and political development on
sustainable urban development. Preliminary contacts have been made to
cooperate with other international bodies, such as OECD's Ecological City
project, UN HABITAT II preparatory committee.

To subscribe, write to [email protected] with the message:

SUB ecoCT-A yourname

The coordinator is Mr. Tommy Mansson, Deputy Director of the
Environmental Advisory Council at the Swedish Ministry of Environment and
Natural Resources.

From: (Mr) Eng-Leong Foo, Network Manager for ECOCITY
Unesco Microbial Resources Center, Karolinska Inst. S-171 77 Stockholm,
Sweden. phone: +46-8-7287145; Fax: 46-8-331547
Email:[email protected]
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