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out of print book services with no luck.) If anyone has a copy of any of the
following - for sale - please contact me. If you can fax a copy of the title
page with your price offer, it would save time. (We're all honest, but I
have to ask for a copy of the title page as proof of ownership.) Here's the
"Turning Point of Building" by K. Wachsmann - 1961
"Architecture of Luis Barragan" by E. Ambasz - 1976
"Complete Log House Book" (Peter Smith Publ, 1983)
"Alvaro Ortega" by J. Bland (Escala Publ., 1990)
"Luis Barragan. Clasico del Silencio" by E.X. de Anda Alanis (Escala, 1989)
"Twentieth Century Design Classics. From the Anglepoise to the Zippo Lighter"
by C. Pearce - 1991
"The Power of Limits" by G. Doczi -1981
"Mazes and Labyrinths of the World" by Janet Bord - 1976
"Mask of Medusa" by J. Hejduk - 1985
"Innovative Architecture of Singapore" by Robert Powell - 1989
"Katsura Villa" by A. Isozaki - 1987
"Co-op Himmelblau. Architecture Is Now. Projects, UN, Actions..." - 1984
"Synagogues of Europe" by C.H. Krinsky - 1987
"Recording Historic Structures" by J.A. Burns - 1989
"Venetian Villas" by M. Murara - 1986
"Sverre Fehn. The Thought of Construction" by P.O. Fjeld - 1983
"International Interiors. Bars, Niteclubs and Taverns" - 1993
"Exhibit Design Four" by Robert Konikow - 1991
"Sunlighting As Formgiver for Architecture" by W.M.C. Lam - 1986
"Nigel Coates. The City In Motion" by Rich Poyner - 1990
"Restaurant Design 2" by Judi Radice - 1991
"High-Tech. The Industrial-style Source Book for the Home" - 1978

Look forward to hearing from anyone out there who has a copy for sale.

Philip Glaser, Valdemars Alle 11, 2860 Soborg, Denmark
fax 45-31-677136
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