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Subject: Re: Can this profession be saved?

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"A building was a sculpture"? ... a painting? ... a ...?

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>There is some truth to the idea that the profession is in trouble.
>However, I believe it's the fault of most architects. Architecture used
>to be art. A building was a sculpture, with thought put into every
>detail. Now, much of architecture is void of any art.

>Of course, economics and social evolution have had a part in this decline,
>but I think architects have either not been taught really what it means to
>be an architect, or they have not asserted themselves. What I have read
>and seen coming from architecture schools demonsrates to me that they are
>not teaching the subject. There is a lot of retoric, but not much
>substance. Schools teach styles, rather than principles. Why?
>Architects have also succumbed to whatever seems to be in vogue. Look at
>the sameness of it all. Even the "different" architecture doesn't depart
>from what is accepted.
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