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Subject: Re: WANTED: VISTA seeks info on national organizations


>VISTA is asking for help in identifying national organizations
>(student, professional, and minority) organized around Architecture
>to assist in the recruitment of professionally-skilled VISTA

>VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) is a national service
>program that places individuals with community-based non-profit
>agencies across America that are working to alleviate poverty.
>Created in 1964 as the domestic counterpart to Peace Corps, VISTA
>is now included in AmeriCorps, the new national service initiative
>that offers education vouchers in exchange for service.

>Current VISTA projects are looking for professionally-skilled VISTA
>Volunteers and in response, VISTA Recruitment will be developing
>agreements with national organizations to assist in promoting
>Volunteer opportunities among their membership. We are now in the
>process of compiling a list of all organizations (and their student
>and minority counterparts) that focus on Public Health, Law,
>Business, and Architecture.

>If you know the names and contact information for any Architecture
>related organizations, could you please forward the information to
>VISTA. Also, if there are organizations based upon the other three
>skills VISTA looking for, please let us know.

>Thanks so much - your help is greatly appreciated!

>Brian Geoghegan, VISTA Recruitment Coordinator

>Corporation for National Service
>1100 Vermont Avenue NW 8th Floor
>Washington, DC 20525

>(202) 606-5000x250
>[email protected]
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