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Announcing the DRC Virtual Gallery

The Design Research Centre at Derby University recently completed the first
"wing" of its World Wide Web art gallery. The Electronic Wing of the
gallery contains work from five Derby artists who use electronic technology
as part of their work.

The URL for the gallery is:

We have many plans for the gallery. One of which is to create an "Artnet
Wing" which could contain contributions from members of the artnet mailing
list. Perhaps we can discuss this idea further on the list?

Sean Clark, Tel: 0332 622222x4039
LUTCHI Research Centre, 0509 263171x4166 <o o>
University of Technology, Fax: 0332 622218 =( v )=
Loughborough, Talk: [email protected] ^
LE11 3TU, UK E-mail: [email protected]
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