Individualism vs. Collectivism --- The Green Architecture Movement.

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On July 8m 11994, David Westling writes:

I find the current situation,
the "postmodern condition", to be one in which collectivism is on the
rise both in everyday experience and as a report on the true nature
of experience. This way lies disaster, I think, and it is my intent
to call attention to this danger by trying to examine the dynamics of
We exist in the collective, but how do _I_ exist? Is my experience
fundamentally collective, as Marx and G.H. Mead contend? Or is there
a place where the collective does not reach? If there is, can I "gain
a foothold" on this area and expand it? What are the implications if
I can, both for me and everyone else?


Really? Haven't yuo heard communism is dead!

What are the instances in which the collective is on the rise that you
fear so much? Certainly, it is not in the belief system of Americans.
There seems to be little or no evidence of a collective will, interst or
consciousness. Sure, there are examples in distribution and production
which have been collectivised, ie. mult-national corporations or highways.
But, the American way of life is individual-centered private cars, stand-alone
homes, etc. Where is this collective tendency on the consumption/manafement

Ray Lauzzana <---I would be interested in the implications of the Green
Architecture movement related to sustaining the environment
in this connection to the collective efforts of individuals.
The ACSA Teachers Seminar, Cranbrook Academy of Art just
met to discuss this problem of sustaining the environment.
The fact that there is little or no collective tendency on the
consumption side may specifically be the problem of the
so called, "American way of life". Do not get me wrong!
I am very much for the individual---as a contributor to
the American way of life. However, some guidance in the
needed priorites of individual efforts by government would
be helpful to the individual's choices. Howard Ray Lawrence
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