Re: Architecture and Electricity

The Vitruvian description of architecture:
economy (information), efficiency (communication), delight (aesthetic)
(parenthetical translations by Karrie Jacobs)
seems to many unbalanced when you're talking about high-voltage lines and the
rest of the infrastructure of the electrical grid. I happen to like an
occassional high tension power line, but I wish there needed to be only one
for the country. What ruins it is the fact that you cannot escape seeing
electrical overhead lines in most of the country. (world) The aesthetic is
empty since there is no relief.

BUT the most powerful aesthetic of electricity lies in what electricity does,
not what the grid looks like. It is like a heroin addict lying in their own
shit. The comfort of electricity (TV, air conditioning, computers,
flourescent lit cores of highrises, bright parking lots at night, etc.)
glosses over the means of its delivery. You are looking behind the Great Oz,
is it any wonder you won't like what you see?
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