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For those of us in North America and Europe this is the start of
another academic year - but have heart, there are only another
five this century!

Historically, this is when we vow to make all those adjustments
that we have been talking and thinking about. Then with the first
department meetings looming and with more cutbacks on the
horizon, all gets put off for another year.

Well this year make it different - circulate your thoughts,
ideas, observations and premonitions to all the supporters of
IDFORUM. We now reach into more than 40 countries and have
significantly improved our presence in the UK. We remain
a bit thin on the ground in Germany and Italy and would
welcome greater participation in both. Please do not
hesitate to spread the word to colleagues and associates.

Please send all your thoughts, ideas, information about shows,
call for papers, notice of competitiuns, etc. before August 30
[email protected]

Best Wishes for 94'95, Maurice Barnwell
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