Right Marcus

My poor english made Nervi the mentor rather than a reference:

Candela gave a workshop with Calatrava. Nervi qualifies more as a reference
for Calatrava like
Gaudi, Viollet-Le-DucMaillart and Jean Prouvi.

First Calatrava projects that i saw were the zurich banhof ,the bach de
roda bridge in barcelona and a pedestrian bridge near Paris. All
interesting both in regards of the form and urban solutions - althought the
barcelona project is stil awaiting parks on its abutments. The complexity
of the engineer's structural repartition and the simplicity of the
engineer's solution to an urban linking problematic make a bold mix.

On the contrary, in Lyon's airport - Satolas , while the same "boldness" is
expresses in the mainbuilding on the tgv track, one can only disappointed
in the "overdesigning" and complexity of circulation in the "back of the

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