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ronald evitts wrote:

> At 01:16 PM 4/28/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >On Tue, 27 Apr 1999 06:47:48 PDT Betty Woent <[email protected]>
> >wrote, in part, the following:
> >
> >" . . . many of us here at school have been asked one question before
> >any other, "do you know autocad?". my question is, if thats all you
> >care about, do i want to work with you?"
> >
> >That is one of the most intelligent questions posed yet!
> >
> >For me, it suggests that there might be a staff of AutoCAD workers that
> >are NOT architect-educated to do the drafting tasks of the designer
> >architects.
> >
> >.H.
> >
> >
> and i would say, if that's the conclusion you jump to simply by being asked
> if you know autocad, i would not WANT to hire you. i ALWAYS ask if my
> prospective employees know autocad, along with other types of software. i
> want/need to know how immediately my new employee will be able to "jump in"
> and start working, and how much time others in the office will need to
> spend assisting in this training.
> of course it is but one element in the stew of qualities that i evaluate in
> hiring people. and i do agree that it would be stupid to hire SOLELY on an
> "autocad literacy" basis. but i think it is also stupid to assume that
> simply being asked if you know autocad reveals an office of "autocadatons."
> and, all other qualities being equal (design skills, communication skills,
> experience level, etc) i would hire the autocad trained person over the
> non-autocad trained person.
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