Re: testing

well, Michael, i guess one could say 'i can multitask' and
do many things, various skillsets, whatnot. or, that dreaded
death-knoll type of language: i'm a generalist, dammit. but
in the divided laborious mindsetting of automated work-arounds,
the people-as-machinery thing chugs forward, into brick wall
after brick wall until all the bricks turn into clicks, and
then the clicks, well, aetheric as they are, disappear. and
then what is one left with, but nothingness. an illusion of
working and moving forward, 2 steps back. new economy is
older still, more industriously insane than the previous,
as the lights are brighter, the sugar water spiked more,
and the conveyor belt that is the digital media production
line cranked up that no one but a willing slave could survive,
and not with mind intact, for some. this was a Tivo replay of
the 80s wallstreet done Silicon Valley style. the pricks a
plenty, as certainty wagged away, the snout up in airs, as
the last chime did ring, and the light gone out, and now
emigratorial sessionings try to find the real in the local,
that genius loci, that myth-making of place, never there
unless the spark is around. and this place is simply DEAD.

human wrote:

comfortable in startup environ.

What's a startup environ? Is that another term for the California gold rush?

Michael Kaplan
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