Re: [design] test footer

ok. we need to have something to start with
so i will keep it as is, and start the subscriber
process so that more people can share their ideas.
hopefully keeping it clean and simple will work.
so more feedback will soon be available. brian

* there are also 'longer descriptions' for the list
that need to be written or redeveloped that goes out
with the welcome message and list information. that
is a place that an expanded description would work
best. this is called the 'terse description' on the
list administration software (mailman). terse it is.

anyone care to write the welcome message to the new
subscribers-- that is, what is going on with the new
list? i was planning to do it yet if others are of
better post-turkey condition, feel free to write.
needs to be done asap, and i will try to get it
moving along tomorrow. any ideas on what to write,
please share on list. i was going to give a short
situational statement, a reason for the new list,
unsubscribe options for both lists, and then move
into discussion mode thereafter, where list issues
can be dealt with, after the new list's big-bang.

maybe we should take our time on this ... and get some more feedback.

Re: [design] test footer, Michael Kaplan
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