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This is great! It sounds like we're all auto-subscribed?


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brian carroll <[email protected]> wrote:

> * important announcement: please read... *
> DESIGN-L Version 2
> Hello everyone. This message inaugurates the new
> Design-List, Version 2.0, which was established by
> current and former Design-L listmembers, to keep
> the tradition of open exchange and exploration of
> design, art, and architecture available online,
> courtesy of infrastructures.
> Design-L.v2 branches off of the original Design-L
> project by offering an 'open' forum for discussion
> and exchange of ideas, which will be largely free
> of moderation unless administrative issues arise;
> at which point temporary group moderation may be
> required to vote on a solution. These and other
> issues will be up for discussion on the new list.
> The important difference between Design-L.v2 and
> the earlier Design-List is in the approach to the
> issues, as both offer different perspectives and
> values of the same questions surrounding 'design'.
> The list branching into two directions validates
> each approach, one moderated by Howard Ray Lawrence
> which recalls an earlier era of the Design-List, in
> 1992, when USENET newsfeeds and other news articles
> were a large part of the daily cycle. This editorial
> role continues at the original list run by the PSU.
> Currently, that list has undergone an administrative
> transformation which resulted in conflicting views,
> and basic features became off limits; including the
> existing list membership. As the 'open' forum became
> increasingly 'closed' to other views, it was decided
> by a few long term members to start up an alternate
> list and keep the freestyle aspect of the list alive.
> To do so, the latest list members were located from
> an archive and this e-mail is being sent to those
> members prior to culling of addresses from the list
> which were not acceptable to the restricted policies.
> Therefore- the only choice available to continue and
> reconstitute the Design-List, version 2.0 was to take
> this list of members and sign them up to the new list
> by mass subscription, to explain this situation and
> these decisions, and to include information for those
> who would like to unsubscribe from either of the lists.
> * you are now most likely subscribed to both lists *
> If you would like to receive content from both lists,
> 'open' and 'closed', then you need to do nothing...
> 1) To UNsubscribe from Design-L, moderated by Howard Ray
> Lawrence of PSU and akin a USENET feed, send a message to:
> e-mail: [email protected]
> body: unsubscribe design-l
> 2) To UNSUBscribe from the new Design-L.V2 mailing list,
> an open forum for discussions of art, architecture, and
> culture, which is unmoderated and encourages exchanges,
> please visit the following url:
> * if you want to remain on both lists, then do nothing *
> The Design-L.V2 mailing list will be administered by
> Brian Carroll, to maintain and rebuild the list itself.
> This includes mundane tasks such as list settings, and
> some more important ones, such as what this list is
> about, what its boundaries are, and how to deal with
> issues of conflicting interests; such as the moderation
> scheme. It was a group decision to keep the list largely
> unmoderated, though when the need for moderators arises,
> it is asked that a group of long-time contributors and
> others will weigh-in on the list issues by volunteering
> now to join a temporary moderators council. It is part
> of the agreement reached for running this new list so
> please contact me (human (at) electronetwork (dot) org)
> and sign-up to participate in our new list environment.
> From here on out, send administrative type issues to the
> list-owner, and moderation issues onto the list itself.
> * Please do not send private messages about the list to
> the list administrator, they are not list moderator. *
> Other important aspects involved in building out the new
> Design-L.v2 list include writing welcome messages and a
> longer list description. These issues will be part of a
> public discussion and cooperation and compromise will be
> much appreciated to get these tasks done and get back to
> sharing ideas and not getting bogged down in bureaucracy.
> Should the listmembership survive this list transplant,
> it is possible to develop the list further with resources
> available through the AZ ( )
> architectural-infrastructures, such as a wiki, microsite,
> and hosting of papers like its predecessor, Architome.
> Let's get this off to a good start, thank Howard for his
> stewardship in getting the Design-List community this far,
> and continue to benefit by learning through multiple modes
> of interaction and sharing of design ideas and imaginations.
> Thanks also to the bridgework provided by Anand Bhatt and
> for John Young's guidance as co-owner of Design-L to date.
> There's a great resource in both the old and new archives
> and approaches, and sometimes two lists are better than one.
> I hope you stay on the new list and test it out, the fresh
> kindling of ideas will help get fire breathing back within
> it. And contributions and contributors are always wanted
> and needed, so please tell a friend about the new list...
> To Post a message, e-mail: [email protected]
> Thanks for participating,
> Brian Carroll, list administrator
> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
> Design-L Version 2 subscription/other list options:
> To perform Mailing List Commands via e-mail send a
> message with the word 'help' in the subject or body
> to address: [email protected]
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> the design-list, version 2.0, since 1992...
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