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Brian Carroll wrote:

1) To UNsubscribe from Design-L, moderated by Howard Ray
Lawrence of PSU and akin a USENET feed, send a message to:

e-mail: [email protected]
body: unsubscribe design-l

Brian, I don't see why people have to unsubscribe from the Design-L. Howard Ray Lawrence was a little concerned about this as well. The relation between an unmoderated Design-L and a moderated one is not resolved, and still is open to a patient discussion.

Attached below is an extract from my conversation with Howard today morning... besides what I said there, I also think the Design-L location at PSU gives it a strong sense of place, there are strengths built over some years which may not have to be surrendered.

I think there are opportunities which should eventually be considered by all list members (and perhaps put to vote).

Howard Ray Lawrence wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Anand:
> In regard to your earlier comments, note the name of this new list,
> design-l.v2.
> Also, note that many of the current/former subscribers to Design List
> have been invited to join.
> Your views. . .?
> Howard
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I would have called it something else, or at least "Design-L (Unmoderated)" if the association to Design-L was important, and then used this logic:

up to 2005: One Design-L

after 2005: two forks to Design-L

fork 1: Moderated, the original list

fork 2: Unmoderated, experimental

with a condition that the unmoderated list is used
by a small group of people to test ideas, make comments which
might sound offensive, put-up half considered hypothesis etc.;
with an understanding that once ideas **mature** they would
be submitted to the moderated list (and a larger audience)

so the moderated list works as a peer reviewed list.

[personal note edited]

I would have used the disagreement to create a system with better-quality ideas.


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