Re: [design] design-l.v2 (readme) (both lists)

swatting the hornet's nest is quite tempting,
so i am pleasantly surprised someone did it...

the introductory e-mail was diplomatic and was
not biased in having people unsub from one list
or another. there are instructions for both lists,
although i messed up and put the admin address for
this version 2, though a link on the page is there.
to cry foul over this or the naming is to forget an
important thing - the list was a public, not private,
construction over years and years of contributions,
and it was in effect, privatized, and no one can now
access the shared resources - it became monopolized,
literally, and legitimate posts were censored, i've
been subbed and unsubbed by the owner, etc.

it should be clear that this list is open-- and there
is absolutely nothing stopping Howard from joining
this list and sharing his thoughts, as one of the list
members as any other person, as was design-l until the
changes took effect and issues of control, micromanaging,
and wielding whatever meager power one can were shown.
if Howard has a gripe, he can send it to this list and
speak on his own behalf. worst thing would be to make
this a bigger issue than it already is. there is a new
infrastructure here to continue the original mission,
and deferring to the previous Design-List as some kind
of model is ludicrous given the rampant censorship.

Howard can change his list- but he does not own the
'design-list' community who contributed over the years,
who brought value to it. that can move around to another
place, unrestricted. it can't be controlled, and it needs
freedom in order to function and to share in the ideas.

note: I am not sharing my views of Howard, which I am
keeping to myself in an effort to get beyond this, and
into a more productive mode of exchange. it is resolved:
there is another option: unsubscribe if you do not like
this list, or if you don't want to be on both, whatever.
though, the 'old-style' list has been saved, it has been
reconstituted, and it is ALIVE here with talking fingers.

welcome. (goodbye to the 4 who unsubbed, including PSU).
and if Howard is to correspond with this list, please send
him the subscription options, I did not want to make this
into a confrontation with him as an individual, but rather
to see this as a structural issue which has been resolved.

now, if Howard wants to continue this, have him subscribe
and fight his own battles. otherwise - there is no battle.
we won the list back from non-existence. Howard, let it be.


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