[design] shopping at the big box

not to be undone by rem koolhaas, i went window shopping on friday - to my neighborhood (or what's left of my neighborhood) wal-mart supercenter.

mind you, the friday following thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. as a retailer, if you don't make it on friday, you've had it. not coincidentally, friday was also designated, by the anti-globalization movement - as an international NO BUY day.

so, intent to not buy anything, i headed out to my local wal-mart supercenter, a big box so big you can't see the other end of the store - it's simply over the horizon.

well, i spent an hour there. no one at all in the food department, where everything was overpriced. like, oranges by the unit - a single florida orange for USD 0.48

everyone was in the vicinity of electronics - the DVD players, the cell phones, the latest movies and CDs, the digital cameras - buying up all the junk of the world. USD 28. seems to be the price point for everything: DVD players, color printers, cell phones, etc.

i looked in the shopping baskets and didn't see anyone buying anything they really needed. lots of christmas wrapping and lights, along with the usual dog food and picture frames.

people scurrying like mice. i've never seen so many stupid-looking people in one room at one time. wish i could have photographed their faces. where's ben shahn's leica with the right-angle viewfinder? holy shit, the people who gave you the iraq war ...

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