Re: [design] shopping at the big box

The New Guy architecture critic, still on probation, elitistly
analogized Polshek's Clinton Library as fountainheaded by the
double-wide characteristic of the Clinton culture.

The Big Box could be super-sized double-wide, the gaping
bays endlessly repeatable like humongous weapons manufactories
at Lockheed and Boeing and the National Laboratories, some now
undergrounded at gargantuan expense.

NY Times reports on the Leviathanic Lockheed today, how it
has gobbled up dozens of merely giant-sized defense firms
to concentrate financial power so great it is shaping US
foreign and domestic policy, with particular emphasis on
governmental control of information once thought to be
private from commercial snooping -- no longer do secrecy
and confidentiality regulations once the privilege of
intelligence, military and justice agencies apply to
Lockheed, which says the Times, writes more code
than mini-Lockheed Microsoft.

It remains unusual to read political criticism in design
journals that is not epicenely coy and aesthetically
neutered, often like Muschamp's and the New Guy's
so aimed at ecouched indolents it bothers not at all
in its mild titillation, indeed exhibits a willful self-censorship
to avoid offending those who dispense out favors worth
Big Box more than a cheapo-table-tip Jackson.

Big Box Artists abound to fill the Big Bays of Culture Cesses:
striding, stridant, scowling pygmy giants, Richard Serraesque,
pretending to defy authority, raking in the big tips of the
merchandising class.

Michael, the willfully ignorant abound in the Big Museums
and Big Corporate Corner Suties, too, but you knew that.
Be sure to get a suit from the Donald Trump Collection
double-wide preened in the ad-bloated NY Times today.

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