[design] re: temp.moderators & archives

update: i have written three people for participating
in the temporary moderation. bbrace and lauf-s both
said maybe, given time, and michael said: no! so if
there are others who are willing to be moderators, at
the time they are needed to temporarily consult on an
issue that may or may not arise (software calls it the
'emergency moderation' team) -- then please write to
the list and volunteer. it is a rather small thing to
ask in order to have a free forum to explore ideas,
the commitment is about as minimal as one can get, too.
so far, i am the only temporary moderator. i would ask
John yet he just got off years of duty as a co-owner,
though ask him here, just in case he is willing to.
so, i need at least three on the moderation team, i
will be one of them if necessary, to get things going.
archives- i am not sure about it, if they can be moved
without Howard's permission (which was not given, as
far as i know, from attempts made to resolve this...)
it may be a good idea to keep it decentralized, and to
let these archives jump-start and see what happens...
my vote is to see how this list goes, and if it is to
be a more permanent home for the design-l community,
which it by all means seems it will be given givens,
then in a few weeks/months, a serious effort to get
all the archives, .mbox'd, would be the plan, stan.

On Sunday, November 28, 2004, at 09:28 AM, Anand Bhatt. wrote:

The new list needs something of this kind -- Brian, can you look into this? Surrendering control after having it seems the best policy. The list .mbox archives will have to be stored on another location where we have no acess, perhaps Quondam. If Lauf-S is on the new list -- he doesn't think I am reliable, so I will never access data on his server, which is a strange (Design-L?) type of security.

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