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Michael Kaplan wrote:

sometimes we get messages from mail IDs which are not subscribed

i think yahoo has pretty much solved that problem. the list i administer
with 1600+ members now gets virtually zero spam.

we have spam filters to guard against ORDB ( and SpamCop, Brian can set some more guards. But we have no heuristics, mostly because some of our not-so-Internet-savvy people trip heuristics with micro$oft formatted mail. so 2-3 spam per day is the what we get (except for the widely publicized Enaction-L, which gets about 200).

the number of members is not an issue (except we _do_ get spam from virus infected member computers, again, Enaction-L with a reach of about 3000 is a problem), Architexturez lists are archived by search engines, and that is how spammars find us.

messages from e-mail IDs not subscribed is something else! people browse mail archives and feel a need to respond, or users forget which mail ID they subscribed lists from, and send mail from another ID. they tend to take time and provide an insightful response in these cases.

really, it is not "moderation" here on Architexturez -- it is more like content management and spam protection.

-- Anand.

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