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Ryan Emge wrote:

> It this listserve on a Linux (neutral platform) based listserv?

Ryan, it is. Architexturez is 100% open source. We have

Redhat 7.3 (soon to be upgraded to another non-commerical Linux)
Apache / Apache Tomcat / Zope servers
Perl and Python
(we avoid PhP where possible, Zend, the creators are commercial)

we also have MySQL, PostGres, and the usual kit.

.. etc.

i can send you our software map.

by the way, I hope you all know Architexturez has an open-door policy for Design-L contributors, we host them free-of-cost because Architexturez is initially an offshoot of Design-L, Brian started it, got sick of it, gifted the domain to me, then we fought, and so on...

-- Anand.

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