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(Ryan, your mails are not addressed to the list!)

AC3d is not an AutoCAD replacement (and I am glad of it)

-- Anand (who hates CAD environments gravitating towards conventional architectural practices, really, because there is more to architecture than a 9-to-5 CAD-monkey job)

Ryan Emge wrote:


I will check those out. Is AC3d an autocad replacement?

- Ryan

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004, Anand Bhatt. wrote:

Ryan Emge wrote:


Excellent. I use Fedora on my laptop while I run vmware on top of that and winXP where I use Autocad for my drafting and rendering work.

AutoCAD sux. Did you AC3d and Blender? I kicked off all non-open-source-stuff from my machines (except this damn laptop which goes out of warrenty if I remove Win 2000)

by the way, I hope you guys know about my conference:

190 papers submitted, 40% accepted -- have a look.

-- Anand.

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