[design] the public archive

hi everyone, this is a short note to share in
the progress of reconstituting public aspects
of the design-list community in the Version 2
environment. in case others are curious, John
Young was able to grab the original archives
after asking permission to access .MBOX files
to keep the list archives in the public realm.
It took the GET command to download megabytes
of files which were then transfered to Anand,
and will in time make it back into V2 archival
space, thus both early and later posts will be
in one place. Howard, true to form, has added
password protection to the original archives,
thus not only privatizing the list itself but
now privatizing the public archives, making it
accessible only to those he admits list access.
It would only be a sad commentary on the life
and death of great internet lists, unless that
decline was matched by an effort by the list to
keep it alive, which is what is happening. So
the archives live, they will be made publicly
accessible again, and absurdity knows no depth.
thanks go to JYA & Anand for the heavy lifting.

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