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I wonder how high the highest buildings are in San Deigo.
I remember flying into San Deigo and we were rather near
to buildings which was unlike any other city I have come
into. It seems that catastophic accidents can occur so it
seems someone should have done some planning. I know that
overall airports and put far from downtown to avoid this,
but all sorts of errora have occured.

What I want to ask with getting too political is whether it
was a lucky strike? Should have the buildings at least stood?
Or was it wasn't foreseen was not the speeding bullet, but more
like a speeding missle full of flammable liquid and that the
burning liquid is what melted the honey comb structure that made
the buildings collapse. I could see how a honey comb structure
originally would have thought to have been both light weight and
strong, and those being the desiderata of lots of design some
problems might have been overlooked.

Note when I was hanging around at the three lettered place I never mucked
with course four(architecture) or civil engineering so my knowledge
of this is all pretty much self taught and not professional. But I have
been through the design cycles in technical fields and how things get
overlooked that come back and bite everyone.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

P.S. However when systems crash it is usually not as bad as when
airplanes or buildings do the same.;)ALthough the crash at one
hospital I worked at might have taken some lives as crucial lab
tests came back in 20 hours and not 2 hours as usual and two people
brought in via ER died; I am most distressed

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