Re: [design] Re: Design-L Archives Available

I emailed Brian about the original Design-L archive closure on 3 December
2004, which prompted Brian to post the message here about the original
archive soon to be part of the d-l v.2 archive.

I have copies of all my posts to design-l, so I'm not concerned from a
personal point of view, but I often include links at quondam and museumpeace
to the design-l archive . For example, there are links at quondam that
connect to two posts by Brian re: crossology (which are wonderful texts) and
the links now only lead to a 'locked door'. This is indeed unfortunate.

Can there be a clarification as to who now possesses a 'copy' of the
original archive? Anand has one and it sounds like John Young has one. Is
that the extent of it?

I might want to pay for a copy of the archive on compact disk; is that

[Although] The real value of the open archive (for me at least) is the
online search function. It's a part of virtual architecture that (I guess)
was assumed would always be there. It's odd that the internet is showing
examples of more toll roads and gated communities.


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