Re: [design] Re: Design-L Archives Available

> I was not aware that Anand had a fairly recent set of the
> archives before managing to retrieve the whole kaboodle
> despite Howard's paranoid lockdown.

I wanted to experiment with this one:

So I needed a large listarchive, wrote to Howard, and some data arrived by
e-mail the next day. I thought it was sample data (which is all I had
asked for), I didn't realise I had archives sent to me until I compared
the lot I grabbed from John's site with the stuff I had. When I realised I
had full archives, I told.

> Come on Anand, you wouldn't be plotting with Howard
> now would you, thick as thieves?

what! What! the context is...

1. I said I could make a design-l domain on Architexturez and put it
under somebody's control
2. Somebody on this list said "keep things simple"
3. So How to make the Listarchive public?

Let me rephrase my question...

"Do you think it prudent to make an DLv1 Archive which is browseable
online? Considering there are thausands of messages which may not interest
many people"

-- Anand.

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