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thanks Anand, sending in full to the list...
Date: Mon Dec 6, 2004 9:50:11 AM US/Central

brian, feel free to send this to whosoever. this is only to clarify what i
think between me any you as the guy who will have to mind the DLv2 -- i
don't have the patience to get inside a long debate with DLv2 guys...

1. i'd be stupid to fall for John or Howard's long-distance
manipulations. i have said from the very beginning that
this list business cannot be seen as a personality
issue, it is not John and Brian v/s Howard

2. prudence, apart from the large stupid dump of a
mailarchive presentation issue, there are other
concerns, i didn't want to say this on the list
while guys were Freaking or Fraking...

a. the list has mails from the early,
'innocent' years of the internet, when
people weren't so cautious about their
posing, the word 'Googling' didn't exist,
and keep in mind, this was a decade ago.
people grow out of their stuff, clients
google architects...

b. internet mails, the poster is the owner
what if some people do not want to show
their mails? i mean old subscribers, and
Howard? what is the procedure for this?

c. PSU, I don't think they will raise an
issue with list ownership -- let _them_
approach us, not vice-versa

3. List Archive, design...

PRIORITY IS QUONDAM, the site is broken, effectively,
and you will have to work with stever (in seeing how
he wants DLv1 Archives display) -- there are many
one can do with long distance asynchronous communications
and it is time to get creative

besides this:

a. you'll have to give me a search engine spec
Architexturz has Harvest, which is a distributed
search system,

b. Archiving format -- Design-L is perhaps the
most remarkable discourse to have emerged
in 20th c. architecture. How to present it
in all its glory

4. Howard, and why we are doing this at Architexturez...

Architexturz first, I guess you recall we decided to
do this not IF, but _when_ Design-L breaks. We did this
in Summer 2000, when I was in the U$ and thought better
rename that damn country U$$R -- there were already
politics and undercurrents on the streets (you might
remember that Cop in San Fransisco, talking in his
cell-phone), and this is Before the 2000 election.

Do you still have the e-mails from then? I don't, but
the Paranoics at Design-L.v2 might want to see them
(and why we thought Design-L will break like this)

_so when you wrote, I just said "OK, give me the
current specifics, and let's just enact the plan_

the plan has three elements:

1. copyright and author consent (ask people who posted
on Design-L)
2. Meta-Sites such as Quondam, Electronetwork, others
who have used the e-mail streams on Design-L
3. Significance, curating the texts in a cognizeable

... did I forget something? perhaps { Brad Brace }
remembers something of your Rant ...

List Archives:

I think beyond Howard and the present
stuff, there always has been an anxiety
about List-Archives. Everybody realises
it is an important text, and don't know
what to do.

List Archives Proposition:

Architexturez Imprints are around the corner,
find some damn money, and make a small book,
with a CD-Rom attached at the back.

It is a project. We'll publish it, per the plan.

Howard - he means well. I didn't know anything of the
undercurrents at Design-L (unsubscribed in 2001), but he
went quite some way: wrote to Berkely-U, offered to visit
them, sent me the _whole_ archives, etc., just to support
curiosity-driven research. So I'llbet there are pressures
he hasn't revealed. It is not like Howard to do an about-
face on a very basic conviction such as moderation.

Now, the paranoics will read this as something of a
manipulation, but my conversation with Howard (about
Design-L) ended with this: Both sides are acting
their convictions -- they may totally disagree, may
resolve their conflicts, whatever; both sides should realise
are splitting just like the rest of your country.

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