Re: [design] Let's Talk Design/Art/.Architecture re: the archive question

I am new to this mailing list; Right now I would like it if
people would just atart discusiing design and architecture; I am
thousands of miles away from NYC and the stuff and personalities
there; I do notice that the term used "down south" i.e. in the
entertainment industry of "creative differences" really is no joke.
People have them all the time.

But for those of us who been on the APRANET--->INTERNET for years,
like since the 1970s we have seen these things come and go. We have
seen flame wars start over various things often of little consequence.
Now I think it is a little more important what happened here but
over all I doubt further argument is going to solve anything.

I have my feelings about the Design-L list but I'd rather not
get into a big personal discusssion. John Young is an actual
acthitect, and I am just a biologist/pharmacologist and self
taught techie.

But still I would like to start talking about that. If the other
place is a good place to discuss those issues then that might
be a good place to continiue, although it is often hard to avoid
discussions about list moderation.

I used to be on an arms control and discussion mailing list which
I was one of the relcutant moderators because there was a science
fiction author who used to promote his agenda. Now some yahoogroups
are just sort of a method for one person to have a personal group they
have pretty much total control over....

Anyway I would like to continue the talk about the design of high
rise buildings. I mean I remember that my country bumpkin friends;)
would fear that the tall buildings in San Francisco would fall over
in an earthquake. I haven't talked to them since 2000 so I don't
know what they feel about high rise buildings as of late. I might call
them and see what they think. I hear it all the time.

I know this topic might sound "lame" to professionals but it is
often these things that people believe that determine whether a
building will be built or not.

Like after the 1989 Earthquake I suggested Santa Cruz, California
needed a Fuller Dome and a Pyramid or perhaps a Tetrahedron. What we
got was the standard sort of faux 1890s look with a few kind of
interesting modernist touches mainly on things like Parking Garages.
If I get real energetic I could take some pictures and post them.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

> or, get them off here
> brian, i didn't bargain for such a round of accusations and stuff. e-mail
> me if something is needed by the way of server configuration etc, but
> don't involve me in Design-L internal affairs.
> -- Anand.
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