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Anand is wrong about having to work with me regarding the display of the
design-l archive. The archive still exists online (I assume), but its not
open anymore. Restoring the openness of the design-l archive would be the
best 'design' (as far as I'm concerned).

"Clients google architects" -- I'm laughing because I don't give a shit
about clients. Clients don't rule my life and what I write/say while alive.

Howard locked up design-l because of me and my ability/creativity in
utilizing the design of the system in a most unexpected, albeit still very
effective way. [I think Howard is fundamentally stupid when it comes to
design, art and architecture, and he, and many like him, perpetuates a
stupid factor within the realm of architectural 'education'. Proof of
Howard's stupidity is, of course, very recently evident--he did 'design' a
most stupid conclusion to design-l, after all.

A (significant) part of me wishes design-l v2 never happened. I was
beginning to see the benefits of design-l v1's closure. [Closure overall is
an attribute that mostly eludes the basic operations of my life's work. I
revel in incompleteness, thus any real closure manifests a (subliminally)
longed-for relief. Maybe I really am closer to more dead people than to live
ones.] And yes I'm still laughing.

How many times have I already said "Design-L is perhaps the most remarkable
discourse to have emerged in 20th c. architecture?" You can count the times
in the design-l archive. I think Anand is possibly plagiarizing what I first
said. [No surprise to me at least. My ideas soak deep, like into sponges.]

Dishonesty is the real malfunction. I'm not dishonest, I'm the spoil-sport.

[For many centuries now, Eutropia celebrates her deathday (12 November) with
Pope Martin I (saint and martyr--feastday 12 November). He died in exile
because wouldn't agree with an imperial law of silence which was to shut
down all discussion regarding the heresy that denied that Christ had a human
will--Monothelism. [Perhaps I will start meditating on Christ as the
embodiment of divine and human willfulness.]

55 years ago today my mother's name was read aloud over the radio in Germany
with the name of all the others that were newly arriving 'home' from Soviet
labor camps. My father and grandmother told me about hearing it, and now I'm

PRIORITY IS QUONDAM as in priority once was?

So many highlights of 2004 to remember, like being instrumental in getting
Herbert Muschamp more silent. Oh the energy of sweet irony. And the great
column of fire 13 February. Are they still camping at Mount St. Helens
waiting for the next big blast? [Did you know Jim Williams restored (mostly
with his own two hands) what might just be the oldest house on St. Helena
Island, SC?] But there's still more to come, not least Silvester's and
Melania's always last minute party.

I'm laughing again, as per usual.

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