[design] African Art, African Voices

from www.theartnewspaper.com :

African Art, African Voices at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
October 2, 2004 - January 2, 2005

Discover African art from an insider's perspective at The Philadelphia
Museum of Art as 200 works - from carved masks and a rare royal throne room
to contemporary art and photography - are brought to life through a
compelling blend of music, video, and an insightful free audio tour.

Don't miss African Art, African Voices on view through January 2nd. For more
information visit www.philamuseum.org or call (215) 763-8100.

I went through this exhibit rather quickly two Friday's ago. I have to go
back, but so far what I enjoyed the most was a video of a present day
funeral(s) in Ghana, where the departed are buried in coffins that are
simulations of recognizable objects, like the multi-purpose screwdriver
coffin in the video and the Mercedes Benz limo coffin on display. I was
thinking "before I go, make sure I'm a Ghanor." [Julian Abele, the black
architect who was Trumbauer's chief designer and highly instrumental in the
design of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, tries to visit the exhibit daily.
He's often sitting right there on the throne.]

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