Re: [design] unzipping the design-l archive, etc.

Giggle! Giggle! I had a lot of fun "Googling Myself", why it
even sounds vaguely obscene; But it was funny to find out what
you were doing at a building on the MIT campus in the 1970s and
who was there with you, at least online.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

P.S. Actually this sounds more useful as they actually did something.

> Gordon Matta-Clark is enjoying himself 'anarchitecting' within the heavy
> dreck of the 113 MBs of the unzipped design-l archives text files. Thank
> goodness, for he was beginning to worry that he might not have enough to
> say/do when presenting 'Learning From Lacunae' at the forthcoming Horace
> Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention.
> "What have you found so far, Gordon."
> "Well, it's kind of interesting that Lauf first posted at design-l in
> August
> 1998, and then the last post of August 1998, a forwarded message sent by
> Brian Carroll, ends with "For an application please write or call Travis
> McDonald, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, P.O. Box 419, Forest, VA
> 24551"
> "Why the hell is that interesting?!?"
> "Well, it turns out that Lauf and McDonald spent the summer of 1978
> together
> working for the Historic American Building Survey in Perry, Missouri. In
> fact, they were roommates the whole summer."
> [Weird! I just received a phone call from Cardinal Dougherty High School
> asking me for some money. I told them "Not yet." Alas, Eva found Dennis to
> be a pitiful husband (with too much desire for 'unearthly' pleasures), and
> has thus decided to renew her vows with Ned right after she finishes her
> paper with Marie Antoinette and Ludwig on 18 January 2005, King of Prussia
> Day and indeed Ned and Eva's wedding anniversary. FYI, King of Prussia
> became German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles,
> and that's when Otto, who witnessed this change of power realized he was
> becoming seriously ill.]
> "Oh. Why that's extremely interesting! [Gosh, who does Otto think he's
> kidding?] I'm sure Thomas will want to know all this too. I have to call
> him
> up anyway, for some money for the convention."
> "Great. Tell him to tell Sally hello."
> "Oh, didn't you know? She's been hangin' with Julian at the Art Museum."
> "I didn't know that. I should pay more attention to the real world."
> "Ha! Just keep digging, Gordon."
> "Could you pass me the chain saw now?"
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