[design] state of the archive

Howard, Design-L (v1/v2), Bill Verity,

I would like to clarify the state of the archive
as it now exists, and what needs to be done to
move forward. The old archives were grabbed by
downloading and unzipped, as were an old set of
.MBOX (mailbox) files which were corrupted and
attempted to be reconstructed. Both sets are now
available online (as far as my understanding goes)
and if there is to be a reconstruction of the old
archives, someone with Linux experience and some
programming would be needed to figure out how to
separate individual posts out of the massive files
and into some organizational structure (like .MBOX).
My skills are non-existent in this realm as I think
many others are too, so this is the barrier to the
continuation of the archives as a total set, both
old and new versions of the design-list. Please, if
you have the skills and the willingness to try, let
the list know you're interested in giving it a shot.
More information (the files) are available from the
list's main information page:


Given this state of the archive (old and new), it
seems in the best interest of the 'lists' (old and
new, together) to first try to reach a compromise
in which both co-exist and can stay open though in
different ways. It seems worth the effort to try to
negotiate a shared archive and list functionality in
the effort not to lose the archive nor the civility
pre-existing the recent split. Therefore I think it
would be in the interest of everyone involved to try
to find a solution between the two lists prior to a
next step, which is the result of what is otherwise
an untenable situation in which intellectual property
is being cordoned off. If Howard and those on the V2
list here can come to some shared agreement of ways
to keep the vital aspects alive and protected, it is
hoped that the new list can continue in a more 'raw'
format, while Howard controls the list to his tastes.

So, I write now and send this also to Howard and ask
if there is some way we can come to a public agreement
in which the PSU archives will remain open to the list-
members who contributed their works and ideas over a
period of years online, and during unique events such
as 9/11 which are something that is important to those
who gained so much from the list as events unfolded.
It was one of many truly unique architectural views
and experiences and should remain in the public realm.
Though even if list membership policies remain, it is
not acceptable to lock-out contributors to view their
own work. So a compromise is hoped to be reached with
this e-mail, prior to taking further necessary action.

Thus, it is hoped Howard that you consider this option
as fair warning and also a peace offering to get the
lists on the right footing, and also at some distance
and to live-and-let-live so as to make this work for
everyone, including you and other Design-L members:
if the archive could not be password protected, and
a copy of the .MBOX could be shared for duplication
purposes (though not necessary online storage, so as
to ensure its survival should data be lost/destroyed).
Then the new Design-List version 2 would be able to
be linked with the original list and its archive to
send people to the open archive for a complete view,
including the two lists and their new archive sets.

This is a simple solution to a complex problem: one
that will just require a change in software setting,
to allow viewing of the archive by the public realm
without a password. Otherwise, all list settings are
not an issue, as a new list offers different options.
Second is to get a non-corrupted copy of the .MBOX
files for duplication for security and longer-term
archiving purposes, to maintain the integrity of the
Listserv file structure and software compatibility.

The other things such as difficult feelings can be
hopefully healed in time and with some distance,
and I am already aware that this issue is not just
between individuals-- the issues are much larger and
more complex than they have been given credit for,
and decisions are made by everyone that conflict in
ways large and small at times. And this one has been
very difficult to survive with friendships intact yet
it needs to be said that of the emotions I feel it is
both in the realm of sadness and frustration that are
the greatest. I am saddened by how much I have learned
from you Howard that I never fully voiced and, as with
oftentimes exceptional teachers who give freely, they
do so in a way that is quiet, that guides and offers
ideas and ways of considering things that permeates
into daily life. Howard, you were one of the very,
very few who responded with encouragement to my work
from the very start. And were often open with your
encouragement and support and I never said thank-you
in the way I should have-- because it was so constant
and maybe this generosity was not fully appreciated--
though at the time and still today I appreciate and
learn from your influence upon my thinking. So too,
frustrated as the reasons for the conflicts are, in
my experience, resolvable through reasoning in a way
that does not work well with hierarchical structures
and especially typing-thoughts-out-by-fingers, and
the least things can determine the future of events.
It is frustrating as the changes could be seen as a
positive, necessary, healthy thing for all on both
lists (and subscribed to both lists) if only it were
made to work for everyone in a way that constructs a
better option together while respecting differences.
The philosophies may differ but that is life and it
may be a start of a new way of relating ideas, and
even learning from each way anew, in a new light.

That is my wish, and I share it here with the list
(version 2) and the version 1 Design-List, as with
Howard, Bill Verity as he was e-mailed earlier, as
an effort to seek a workable compromise and also to
invite you into this list community and to offer my
regrets for the way these events have occurred, as
we are friends, still, in some way big or small, or
at least I do not want to also lose that, even if it
is the list that is destroyed, it does not mean we
have to be. There must be a way to design a better
relation between the lists, the archives, the public
and private needs of the lists, and to do so in a way
that works for both communities, which may actually
be one community in two places at the same time, or
two times in the same place. It is a creative option,
to design a better future together between the lists
and to build our way out of this situation without a
further deterioration of what we still share together.

Please consider this recognition of certain fallibility
in the course of events as they have transpired, to not
find a better option prior to cataclysmic events which
have been difficult for all involved. This is an attempt
to find a way through this, as I am only left with the
option of writing to the PSU administration to protest
and petition this situation and I really do not want to
do this nor do I want it to be an option, and yet it is
the next option. I am writing this letter instead, as I
do not want to pursue this last approach without trying
everything within reason to address this situation in a
way that correlates with the emotions felt and also the
sympathy for this complex situation-- that it can work
out still if we can find a way to get talking and on
some common ground again... there's got to be a way .H.
there's got to be a way to get things back to a state of
caring about our common lot, even if we differ. It is a
great relief to be able to share my sadness for what is
going on, as it has been in disbelief as Howard is well-
liked and well-loved by many who he has given so much to.
And frustrated as things have got to be better than the
worst option, and it is hard to understand how events
and interactions and complexities can be overtaken by
chaos, changing everything and everyone in its wake.
There has no doubt been a release of anger and other
things by all involved, for many months even for some,
throughout these interactions. Though something now is
also missing-- the good somehow left with the bad, and
that is a loss. A loss that can be regained or salvaged
if it is valued, a shared value, and we can rebuild a
new relationship between the list, and eventually also
individuals. If structures that need to co-exist can,
then other things could also cultivate naturally too.

Please Howard, as someone who has long admired you and
your work, and even at this time who cannot deny what
a great time it has been to have shared these years
with you online and also offline by your kindness, in
what is shared in our working and sharing ideas in the
Design-List community, please accept this request for
resolving the archive issue and its long-term viability,
so that we can reconfigure the lists to work with one
another and to share a past and also a future, but to
also have the ability to explore different territories
in the present, to live and let live, yet for mutual
benefit and for the integrity of the list's culture
which has been developed by all over a decade online.

Please let's find a way to make this happen in a way
that works for all, and with the version 2 list there
is a channel to allow for challenges to views that now
have their place, which is an equally valid approach as
is distributing of architectural news and information.

On behalf of the Design-L.Version_2 listmembership, I
ask for a compromise by all, to gain something more,
together. It is the best option, and could even be a
great option, should a way be found to reclaim what is
a loss of friendship and compassion by all involved.
We agree with see the world differently, yet we also
live in the same world and need to interact too, and
we may even like each other even if we don't agree too.
That is, maybe it is a way of finding better relations.
I for one care too much to ignore my feelings on this,
and so I write, I share, I ask, I truly hope this is
the way we can go forward together and find resolution
and also rebuild our relationships over time and space.

Please know this is a personal message, as it is what
is not possible to write to an administrator as is the
worst option and next option and completely undesired.
It is an individual writing to another individual to
try to find accommodation but also a new relation now,
instead of having to write as a structure to another
structure to try to change through brute-force, the
outcome of the archive situation: the bureaucracy to
another bureaucracy, interacting, where there is only
one winner, bureaucracy. It is not because I do not
feel it is not possible to influence the situation
that I hesitate. It is because I care about Howard
as a human being and not as an ideological machine,
who needs to be pressured to do what is requested in
this message. It is by reasoning, by asking for an
opening in which to reconfigure this situation, by
dealing with this between people and keeping a lid
on this situation so as to not further lose what is
the better, even optimal, solutions in the situation:
we may all be better off for what has happened, if it
can only be made to work for all, including you too.

Although I cannot be on high volume e-mail lists as
a result of slow dial-up (and information overload),
I would hope to resubscribe to the Design-List (v1)
in an effort to share the list experiences and also
to work towards a solution on the shared archive. I
know also that others care very much for you Howard
and have expressed great reservation in these times
to allow themselves their anger, because none want
to be in this current situation as it now remains.
Plus, I know I am not the only one who misses your
thinking in conversations and ideas, your voice is
important to hear and it is hoped you know you will
be welcomed by all on Design-L.v2 (version 2) and
this is an open invitation to rejoin the 'raw' side
of the list community and restart the conversations.

I've written what I am able to convey to the best I
am able to try to do what is in my heart the option
I wish could be found in this current complex mess.
I am asking for your consideration of these ideas as
a way to regain what has been lost, and to make it
worth the experience-- to learn from it and make it
work for all of us, and to find a new freedom what
are now the new creative options and opportunities.

I'm also praying we can work together on this, as
for the life of me I cannot continue this absurdity.
Events need to be overtaken by human intention again
and to wrest control from the chaos and raw emotions
to regain a sense of shared destiny and purpose here.
And you are a critical person and have a critical role
and you are needed in the Design-List.v2 community too.

So please Howard know this is from the heart.
I hope you are well, as I know others do too.

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