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[at archinect/forum the question was:]

Recently a friend asked me this weird question, so I thought I would pose it
in this forum:
"When was the last time you were truly happy...and for what reason?"

[to which I answered;]

It was somewhat fleeting, but.... On 21 November 2004, I and Tony, an
architect/artist friend, were going through Briar Hill during the last day
of its salvage sale. Briar Hill was a (unknown to us) Georgian mansion by
Horace Trumbauer. The experience of going through Briar Hill with workmen
crawling all over it, taking it apart, deconstructing the building, was very
remindful of the days back when I was in high school where frequent visits
to Whitemarsh Hall, the then derelict 'Versailles of America' too was a
Trumbauer designed mansion in the midst of deconstruction. Afterwards, in
the parking lot before we left in our respective cars, Tony and I talked
about the afternoon's experience, and then it suddenly dawned on me that it
was the 8th anniversary of Quondam - A Virtual Museum of Architecture
online. I was then very happy to have spent the day in some significant
architecture that was most definitely soon to be quondam.

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