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Date: Sat Dec 11, 2004 11:25:04 AM US/Central
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I have enjoyed being able to be helpful to you over the years.

The news posts on DL are intended as a method of exchanging information
and promoting discussions in connection to those posts.

I warned everyone over more than one year about non-related
national-political discussions on DL. But several subscribers continued to
goad me. A number of those discussing off-topic subjects, s.a. national
political matters, caused me to finally take action to remove those
persons. As a matter of fact, some removed themselves. You chose to remove
yourself. It was simply that matter that offended subscribers---that
failed to pertain to the purpose of the list.

I have reviewed the archives to determine how this all started. It is
apparent that you, in 1999, started the move for a new list. Also, Anand
was involved in this process. And, it continues today. I thought nothing
of it then, since I trusted you to keep DL a reasonable place to be.

DLv.2 might be the best place for non-related national-political
discussions; but DL is not that place.

Subscribers to DL have access to the DL archive.
Subscribers to DLv.2 do not hae access to it.

I read a veiled threat in your message. One cannot be a friend, and make
such threats. Can one?

Leaving DL has its consequences for everyone. Subscribing to it has its
benefits and limitations.

Having two DL lists is very schizophrenic. It is anxiety-ridden. It is
unhealthy. I suggest one DL, not two DL lists. But, it is a matter of
free choice.


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