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I warned everyone over more than one year about non-related
national-political discussions on DL.

forget the archive. i predicted years ago that the digital collection of information meant *no* collection of information. i based the prediction on my brother's (and others') naive belief that digital photography could replace hard-copy photographs pasted in an album. who actually looks at digital photographs taken a year ago? who looks at videos of their families taken 5 years ago? are we really expected to transfer all of those VHS tapes to dvd? and where the hell are they, anyway? in a closet? a box? the local goodwill?

my YMCA cleaned house a few months ago and threw out hundreds of VHS tapes. i saw them in the dumpster and pulled out a half dozen at random, just to see what was on them. most were exercise tapes. but one was of a testimonial dinner given for a retiring director. every employee had her/his turn in front of the camera. jim was this. jim was that. jim did this. jim did that. i had to ask: if jim was so great, how come this tape was in the dumpster?

forget the archive.

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